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  1. mzed says:

    Aha! Nitrogen Cavitation.  see also: http://www.cookingissues.com/2010/08/11/infusion-profusion-game-changing-fast-%E2%80%98n-cheap-technique/

  2. Meth is mostly just scrapings from inside banana peels.

  3. Christopher says:

    Is there anything science can’t make better?

  4. I wouldn’t be interested in inhaling that… nosirree, Bob. Not me.

    What was I saying?

  5. Ian Wood says:

    So…so this is better than the Put A Bunch Of Hash In A Bottle Of Bacardi 151 And Leave It In The Car For A Week method? Because I, I really like the Put A Bunch Of Hash In A Bottle Of Bacardi 151 And Leave It In The Car For A Week method, it’s…


    Butterfly? Hello there!

  6. awjt says:

    I have heard of this as a meso-American thing, and made by a more ancient process. The concoction is called damajuana, which is just the name for the jug it’s in (like a demijohn).  http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damajuana

    Anyways, it’s grain spirits infused with mescal, marijuana, peyote, and then weird voodooey shit like turtle shells and hair of dead relatives & whatever else.  Then it’s left to BAKE IN THE SUN, which is the temperature gradient needed to activate the decarboxylation.  Anyways…  have fun kids.

  7. Mark_Frauenfelder says:


  8. cahuenga says:

    Heating ethanol in a sealed container!!!! WARNING.

    Careful out there.

    • thivai says:

      Yep, this happened in Austin a few weeks ago. Story reports they were cooking to extract THC from cannabis. My brother was a firefighter at the scene and said they were making Green Dragon. The explosion destroyed the kitchen and gave one of the occupants second- and third-degree burns. Respect the dragon, y’all.


      • MonkeyBoy says:

        That article didn’t mention ethanol.

         “My brother was a firefighter at the scene and said they were making Green Dragon.

        Your brother seems remarkably ill informed considering the he should be getting training for the new BHO menace.

        Better follow-up article: Explosion at S. Austin Apt. prompts more training for AFD firefighters: … were attempting to extract pure THC from marijuana, using butane.

        • billstewart says:

          Yes, butane extraction is a way to really dangerously catch fire if you’re not careful.  I was once at a hot spring in Northern California and met some guys who were making hash oil, evaporating the butane by letting a bowl of it sit in the hot water.  No fire involved.

          But even though a whipped cream maker can handle reasonable amounts of pressure, and would be much more likely to blow out through the lid instead of turning the metal bottle to shrapnel, it still sounds like a bad idea. 

          • dragonfrog says:

             Yeah, choosing equipment designed with fail-safes for vapour pressure seems like a good idea.  Maybe a pressure cooker as the inner vessel in a double boiler – the vapour pressure shouldn’t be enough to lift the pressure vent, but it’s there in case…

          • dragonfrog says:

            Actually,  looking some numbers up it seems rather less scary – ethanol’s vapour pressure at 100C is 202 kilopascals, or about two atmospheres.  A bottle of champagne is carbonated to around 5 or 6 atmospheres, so a champagne bottle with a wire cage over the stopper should be safe as the inner vessel in a double boiler with simmering water to keep the temperature steady.

  9. niktemadur says:

    Makers?  More like Happy Mutants.

  10. niktemadur says:

    Super intense stoned for at least 4 hours?  Scary, I’m with Brian Eno on this one, “If drugs had an On and Off switch I’d take them all the time.”

  11. legsmalone says:

    This sounds awful. Why ruin perfectly good mezcal and nitrous with grass?

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