Hairless Chewbacca costume


24 Responses to “Hairless Chewbacca costume”

  1. Elijah Terrell says:

    Looks like a good base for my concept of a sloth costume. Might edge a little too close to sexy sloth though.

  2. awjt says:

    Moar liek Eeewbacca.

    • piercekrichmar says:

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  3. agrovista says:

    bring out the gimpbacca 

  4. Bookburn says:

    It’s a common misconception, but it’s the Wookie dander people are allergic to – not the fur.

  5. theophrastvs says:

    next up:  hairy  Doctor Manhattan costume.

    (   ‘costume’:
    “Essentially the same word as ‘custom’ but arriving by a different etymology.” …uhm ok [shrug])

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      next up: hairy Doctor Manhattan costume.

      I see lots of those on my favorite Tumblr blogs.

      • Robert Drop says:

        I had to Google that.  Sadly, this is as close as I got:

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          Don’t google “smurf porn”.

          • GawainLavers says:


          • Immediately reminded me the 1980s National Lampoon centerfold “Strawberry Cheesecake.” Unfortunately, I found it online, but I don’t know how to mask a NSFW image link so that DISQUS doesn’t display a thumbnail. Here it is with spaces added:

            http: // images/Smurfery_Rhymes-W570.gif

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            It’s pretty hard to get Disqus not to put up an image. As a rule, adding an NSFW image is okay if you put NSFW in bold type in your comment. If someone opens it after that, it’s their problem.

            There’s also a smurf porn movie called Smurf Fuck Fest which you can see online.

  6. swankles says:

    Thing looks like a mouse in a condom

  7. thenormanconquest says:

    doesn’t remind anyone else of Xavier: Renegade Angel?  creepy!

  8. “It’s the sexy catsuit of the 21st century!”

    In a fucking galaxy far, far away…… 

  9. Dlo Burns says:

    I got a Totoro skinsuit (I think I first saw here?) that I’m going to wear to EDC and any other music festival I can catch this year. I had to find some tight grey undies because that thing becomes kind of see through at certain angles. 

  10. GawainLavers says:

    For all your un-furry roleplaying needs.

  11. Lemoutan says:

    We’ve all seen the Greys. They’re probably also not totally hairless. But every spacefaring species eventually goes for a total Brazilian.

  12. dustindriver says:

    The expression on its face is priceless. “Help… meee.”

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