Hairless Chewbacca costume

Costume Craze's sold-out "Chewbacca Second Skin Star Wars Costume" is a great choice for cosplayers who don't like their wookiee suits too hairy. It's the sexy catsuit of the 21st century!

Chewbacca Second Skin Star Wars Costume (via Kottke)


  1. Looks like a good base for my concept of a sloth costume. Might edge a little too close to sexy sloth though.

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  2. It’s a common misconception, but it’s the Wookie dander people are allergic to – not the fur.

    1. next up: hairy Doctor Manhattan costume.

      I see lots of those on my favorite Tumblr blogs.

          1. Immediately reminded me the 1980s National Lampoon centerfold “Strawberry Cheesecake.” Unfortunately, I found it online, but I don’t know how to mask a NSFW image link so that DISQUS doesn’t display a thumbnail. Here it is with spaces added:

            http: // images/Smurfery_Rhymes-W570.gif

          2. It’s pretty hard to get Disqus not to put up an image. As a rule, adding an NSFW image is okay if you put NSFW in bold type in your comment. If someone opens it after that, it’s their problem.

            There’s also a smurf porn movie called Smurf Fuck Fest which you can see online.

  3. I got a Totoro skinsuit (I think I first saw here?) that I’m going to wear to EDC and any other music festival I can catch this year. I had to find some tight grey undies because that thing becomes kind of see through at certain angles. 

  4. We’ve all seen the Greys. They’re probably also not totally hairless. But every spacefaring species eventually goes for a total Brazilian.

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