Café cash register cat (Guatemala snapshot)

Above: Misha, the manager of Fernando's Kaffe, my favorite place for coffee in La Antigua, Guatemala. Seriously, she runs the joint. After the barista made me my espresso, the barista pushed keys next to the creature's paws and tail to ring up my drink without moving Misha; the cat sleeps right through everything.

* Taken with a crappy local loaner phone, which I carry on the street instead of my fancy smartphone to discourage thievery


  1. Thanks Xeni! I love seeing cats in foreign countries, partly because they’re cats and partly because they seem so indistinguishable from cats anywhere else in the world, which helps remind me how subtle the differences are among humans in different places.

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  2. Some years ago, at a call-in show in Montreal, the topic was “Your pets”, with the guest a veterinarian.

    One person called in, asking what they can do to help their pets during heat waves.  After telling the caller to make sure the pets had access to plenty of water and of shade, the caller remarked that he could spray his dog with water to help cool him down, but what about the cat?

    “During periods of heat, cats will reduce their level of actvity,” came the reply.  – “That’s mathematically IMPOSSIBLE!”, retorted the caller.

    “Yes,”, continued the vet,, “I know that cats do nothing all day, and yet they will do even less when it’s hot…”

  3. Adorable.  Don’t apologize for the “crappy” phone Xeni.  Your picture is better than half of the iPhone snaps I have seen simply because the lens is clean.  Oh! And your pictures are made with love… ;)

  4. Cats evaluate all technology by it’s butt-warming capacity.  If one got on the TARDIS it would sleep on top of the central rotor on top of the control room console.

    1.  Now I’m really disappointed that the Doctor never had a cat. At least he had a dog. Sort of.

  5. Do you have the hotel keep your smartphone in their safe? (Assuming you’re staying at one.) I always wonder if even that’s safe.

  6. I met this lovely kitty back in October when I had many a fine breakfast at Fernando’s. (I kept my smartphone and my tablet in my daypack most days.) Such a dainty thing! And yes, like all cats she does run the joint, as the good lord intended.

  7. Iv been there, that was like a half block away from the school I was attending (francisco Marroquin) If you go back and they have the chocolate dipped oranges I highly suggest trying those. I love 3rd world countries so much less of everything. If you haven’t been to dona luisa go there for breakfast or anytime for pie.

  8. At my local pet food store (we call it the Crazy Cat Lady store, but really she is a very nice woman, just a little kooky like many pet loving people), they have a kitty that likes to sleep on the scale. He is a cutie pie.

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