Massachusetts police: Tamerlan Tsarnaev was alive during shootout, until his brother drove over him


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  1. oldtaku says:

    Your glorious sacrifice for the cause will be remembered, brother! *VROOOOM*

  2. Bill Hart says:

    Which of course contradicts previous reports that he was full of so many bullet holes that they weren’t sure which one killed him.

  3.  and further STILL contradicting reports that he was arrested, alive, stripped naked, and placed in the back of a cop car. Video here.

  4. liz says:

    Well, let’s hear from an eyewitness, who said he was run over first and then gunned down by a hail of bullets.  So if the SUV didn’t kill him, the police finished him off.

    • Tynam says:

      “Eyewitness account” does not, sadly, always correlate well to “correct”.  Being a factual eyewitness is an amazingly difficult job to which the human brain is not well suited; sometimes I feel we should all get special training.

      (Not that this story isn’t believable; makes perfect sense to me.)

    • toyg says:

      Makes sense. Tired police officers on 18-hour shifts, frustrated by a day of inconclusive chase, worried all the time that the guy might be wearing a bomb-vest with included dead-man switch… 

    • Isaac Rinke says:

      An eyewitness also claimed it was a police SUV that ran him over.

  5. Stephen Marts says:

    Given the propensity police departments, in general, have for lying in order to obscure the facts of even the most minor incident that may reflect badly upon them, I wouldn’t expect to know the truth any time soon–if ever.

    And can somebody tell me when we started trusting the police?

    • Snig says:

      Yeah, that “dead” MIT cop is probably just faking it.    

      • toyg says:

        History is not binary. 

      • Stephen Marts says:

         I think you replied to the incorrect post–if you reread the original text above, it is about the death of one of the suspects. For your convenience: “Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was alive and struggling
        with Watertown police early Friday morning, when his younger brother and
        alleged coconspirator drove over him in a stolen SUV, dragging him on
        the pavement and apparently inflicting the fatal injuries that killed

        • Snig says:

          No, I was addressing your comment directly.  In your comment, you seemed to infer that the default was for all police to be inherently dishonest and untrustworthy. I think your viewpoint is unhealthy, and that kind of viewpoint might lead one to not rely on police when necessary.  I understand may have had very personal negative experiences that have led you to that opinion, but I believe you’re being overly paranoid.  I think being a cop is a difficult, often thankless job. Sean, the MIT officer, received a bullet for his efforts.  It might have been a tempting day for him to have called in sick. Of course police corruption exists, and it’s hard to root out when it happens.  Some police are untrustworthy, some aren’t.  Some are in the profession for the wrong reason. This is true, to a certain extent, for just about all all individuals in all professions, including teachers, politicians, computer users, doctors and firefighters.  I’ve seen no convincing evidence that there was police misconduct or dishonesty in this event.  When you’re speculating that because police said X, the truth must inherently be not X, you might not know what your’re talking about.

  6. Katey Corrigan says:

    If you’ve seen the photo of his body, he has an extremely nasty contusion across his lower face/shoulder.
    We’ll never know the truth here. I’m surprised the police have leaned in favor of “lets put another murder on the surviving suspect” instead of “fuck yeah WE got the bad guys.”

    • Fnordius says:

      I have a hunch that the police are all too aware of how fleeting claiming responsibility can be, and how bad a false claim can boomerang. The Massachusetts cops seem to have actually been restrained and very thorough this time around.

  7. timquinn says:

    The jury is the ultimate judge of the facts. Hm? no jury? Hm . . . 

  8. if the younger brother could drive him over (an act of truly shakespearean dimensions) he must have been standing somewhat in the middle of the road … under fire by 20 plus cops! … if they couldnt hit him they should change their guns for clubs.

  9. SexBobOmb says:

    Sometimes one has to read the comments…and then take a shower.  Or four.

    • Rob Dowdy says:

      They don’t make water hot enough. If you really want to feel your skin crawl go to HuffPost …

    • sorry i feel like the teacher telling me “do you know what you did wrong?” – and i never knew.
      or do you not mean me with your line? since it isnt a reply to my post…
      please, quote a line or sth. so i get it. (re-read & re-showered).

      on the other hand that is good line to paste under 98% of blogrolls!

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