What about Tamerlan Tsarnaev's wife?

Turns out, suspected Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev really did have a child with a woman from Rhode Island. They might have been married. Both the woman and the child are alive and physically healthy. The woman doesn't seem to be a suspect. Other than a brief statement by her parents, the family isn't talking to the press. (Thanks to Michele Banks for the link. The lack of follow-up on offhanded mentions that he may have had a wife had me worried that she might have been one of his victims.)


  1. I’d heard that he’d married her without any conversion to Islam, contrary to the linked report…  Also, this is perhaps more interesting, involving the unsolved murder of one of his former roommates in what looks like a drug deal gone bad: http://au.businessinsider.com/murder-of-brendan-mess-the-best-friend-of-boston-bombing-suspect-tamerlan-tsarnaev-2013-4

    1. Honestly, I’ve heard that she’s a convert and that she’s not. I don’t think we, the public, know which is correct right now. It might be that she wasn’t initially and later converted. Who knows. 

      1. I live a couple of towns over from N. Kingstown (and lived right in between MIT and Watertown for 20 years, and am one degree of separation from Martin Richard and his family, so this all feels very, very present to me…) and local scuttlebutt (two or three degrees of separation) has her as a not-particularly-religious Xtian.  But as you say, much is unknown…  Check out that earlier link – that is a disturbing story.

  2. Did he have a job? I mean this guy was 26 years old living in Boston and as far as I can tell, no one has mentioned where he was getting money to pay his rent, groceries, etc. How exactly was he supporting himself? His dad was just a car mechanic who had left the country, not exactly rich people. This is aside from the oddity of living apart from his wife and child.

    1. Someone was financing them … They had a Mercedes , cellphones , computers, rent, clothing .. Neither worked and the parents don’t appear to be rich …

      1. In some articles it said he had won some boxing championships or something, one even said he was trying for Olympics. He might have gotten some prize money from his wins.

  3. Sorry, doorstepping the wife and family of one of the suspected Bostom bombers?
    NOT COOL. Butt out. Seriously.

    Having been almost blown up in 7/7 I know how this news cycle is addictive, but disappointed in Boing Boing in helping feed it. I sadly didn’t speak up in 2005 when the poor wife of one of those bombers was hounded by the news press in the UK, but seriously, take a look at yourselves. I doubt she knew, and there is a kid involved. They will be confusion and grieving there too. To go any closer is just emotional tourism, like stopping to look at traffic fatality. You try to convince yourself of it’s newsworthyness or importance, but you are touring in someone else’s misery.

    Please stop now (Boing Boing and the US media), before you do even more damage and destroy more lives…

    1.  You must be listening to the liberal side of the US media. The US has an ugly faction that wants the heads of the wife and son on pikestaffs. I fear for their lives.

    2. I think she should be left alone. I wanted to post this because, personally, I was worried she’d been killed. This is last you’ll see of me posting about her and her family. 

    1. Yes, of course, it could be a hood too. But the article itself says that she had converted to Islam. And the portion of hair in the front looks like it is held tight by a bandana kind of thing which is pretty typical for a black hijab. Again, all these are just speculations which is why I said “seems to be”, I didn’t say “she is wearing a hijab”. In any case, as far as I am concerned, it hardly matters whether she converted or not, I was just making a point in reply to the comment above mine.

  4. Mrs Tamerlan gets a pass? 

    How is she not spending the week with interogators explaining her involvement while all this was going on?

    How is it she gets to drop in on their apartment unsupervised and walk
    off with whatever evidence, er, “belongings” she can fit in her duffel

    1. Maybe she was interrogated, and the interrogators now know something about her involvement (or lack thereof) that you don’t?
      She “gets a pass”? I don’t think so. Either she’s involved, and will be arrested and treated accordingly, or she had nothing to do with it, and will still forever be known as “the wife of the terrorist”. Either way, she’s not really getting away with anything.

    2. How do you know she’s getting a pass? You’re basing this entirely on the fact that she’s not been arrested (is free to move about her life on her own) and isn’t telling the press about her questioning. I think it’s pretty silly to assume that she hasn’t been interrogated. 

      1. Local received wisdom is that she had been interviewed by the FBI, who felt comfortable leaving her be.  I may have picked that up from the local NPR affiliate….

  5. Her being married to the oldest brother definitely makes her interesting to the American public. I don’t think any normal, rational, compassionate person wants the head of this woman on a pitchfork like the comment above says. It’s just plain ignorant to assume she has nothing to do with the attack or had no knowledge of it. The two suspects seemed, to their immediate family, friends and school mates, to be normal happy American Immigrants. No one suspected them or believed they were capable of a terrorist attack. So I understand that no one would want to believe that a young, beautiful American mother would also be capable. Unfortunately, I feel that it is better to believe the worst before clearing her innocent in the matter. She needs to be questioned. Not tortured or harassed, but questioned. It’s not about getting a “pass” or not. It’s about gaining information to help protect the innocent and to get justice and closure for the victims. 

    1. There is an interview with a car body shop owner who says the younger tsarnaev brother came the day after the bombing to retrieve a car he had left for repair and wanted it back even without  the bumper replaced.  Supposedly it was his girlfriend’s car.   The  “repair” man, Gilberto Junior, of Junior Auto Shop in Somerville, talked of the brothers coming in frequently with luxury cars supposedly belonging to their wealthy friends at MIT (???) and paying cash for repairs.  If you Google the location and use street view it actually appears to be a body parts business with the same address as Junior Auto Shop.  This is very close to where the Tsarnaev family apartment is.  The guy looks like someone I would never trust but he has a lot to say.  He talks about the younger Tsarnaev brother wearing 9000 dollar shoes.  I read a review of the business where someone brought in a Rolls Royce and he says it was stripped on the interior and back window and not repaired.  So what kind of business is this and why were the brothers bringing in cars.  Sound like car jacking business to me.  I wonder why the media isn’t following up?   

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