Canadian police: "al-Qaeda-supported" plot to derail train thwarted


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  1. DeeZed says:

    What? They weren’t being strung along by Canadian security forces like the last great terrorist sting? I am shocked.

  2. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that they chose today to arrest them, as the Senate opens debate on the “Combatting Terrorism Act”.

  3. Let’s wait and see the actual evidence.  These “terrorist plots” have a tendency to evaporate in the courtroom….

  4. rocketpj says:

    AQ has a flag?  Who would put that on their linked in profile?

    That said, I’ll believe it when I see it in court.  This is not the first time the RCMP has called wolf or made some high profile arrests/terrorism foofaraw.  

  5. Flashman says:

    Wow, putting an Al-Qaeda flag (if that is what that is) up on your LinkedIn profile is kind of heat score.

  6. Dan Hibiki says:

    And yet the TTC is still at large.

  7. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    “conspiring to murder persons unknown for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a terrorist group.”

    Always make sure your killing is for money or just for fun.  That isn’t so bad.

  8. rocketpj says:

    More recent coverage is saying ‘Al Qaeda inspired’, a decidedly less clear linkage than ‘supported’.  

  9. Jonathan Roberts says:

    OK, so who’s going to be the first idiot to derail this discussion with a stupid pun?



  10. Shinkuhadoken says:

    I’m wary to wax enthusiasm about this, but I will cautiously say I’m glad no one got hurt, and that tips from the Muslim community were instrumental to the investigation.

    I just hope this isn’t the political springboard to a new police state in Canada.

    • peregrinus says:

      From the Kanukian foofaraw I read here on BB, sounds like you guys haven’t finished up with the old one yet.

    • Jerril says:

       I can’t help but suspect Our Temporary Placeholder Government will use this as evidence that they need more police powers, despite the fact that our current police powers worked just fine.

      • curgoth says:

        Given that the Harper Government brought a new bill to the House asking for new police state powers the same day this story broke, your suspicions seem pretty valid.

    • Jen Onymous says:


      Wasn’t aware that tips from the Muslim community were part of the arrest–it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this was whitewashed out of US News.

      As you may know from my past comments, I’ve always been a proponent of hearing more from the local community when a suspect is caught.  If we get help/a response like this every time, it will help shut up the Peter Kings of the world and help re-normalize relations between local majority Muslim populations and the rest of the communities.

      FWIW, the last time some guy got convicted here in NYC for a legit (ie not trumped-up shit) terror attempt, the members of the perp’s mosque held an anti-terrorism statement rally in Jackson Heights, in a prominent public location, even though it was friggin cold out.  NY1 (local very high profile news channel out here in NYC, very well-done) carried it in-depth, and ran it as part of its hourly “news highlight” bumpers the day it happened, and interviewed the sign-carrying, flag-waving attendees (footage of which got circulated into each news hour, with a bigger piece for Queens residents in the hourly boro highlight section).

      Sadly, it got only a line mention in the NY Times, buried in the larger story of this guy’s conviction, and of COURSE, zero comment in the NY Post/Daily News.  However, those two bodies did manage to carry the usual histrionics from the excerable Dov Hikind (as a Jewish NYer I LOATHE him), who will step in front of a camera whenever a Chassid stubs his toe or a non-Jew throws a cigarette butt on the sidewalk, and then yell “NAZI” every time  a buidling code violation/ticket/arrest of an Orthodox Jew on whatever civil/criminal charge is made in the same.

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