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15 Responses to “Divinyls singer Chrissy Amphlett dies of breast cancer, MS”

  1. winkybb says:

    Sad news. Gowing up in Australia in the eighties, I saw Chrissy (and Mark) many times in concert. She was just awesome. All class.

  2. Patti Haskins says:

    Sad. I hate cancer. I’m a breast cancer survivor. I hate the terms of battle etc as well. Cancer sucks.

  3. BookGuy says:

    Damn, now I’m bummed.  I was in high school when that song came out, and although most people thought they were just a one-hit-wonder/joke, I thought they made some really good albums.

  4. euansmith says:

    We’ve lost another foot soldier in our war with Entropy. Sad news.

    Great band name; evocative, like “The Velveteens”.

  5. doniphon says:

    Another sad reminder that we’re all Human On The Inside.

  6. ChickieD says:

    RIP awesome lady!

  7. NoOneSpecific says:


    Of course you are right. The phrase is not only inaccurate but also tired and overused. However, rather than simply requesting a ban on it’s usage, why not step up as a journalist with unique insights and offer up a better turn of phrase? I mean, who better than someone as deeply involved as yourself to find that key descriptive phrase?

    This is not a criticism but rather an opportunity to stretch your journalistic muscles.

  8. Blaven says:

    FYI, “I Touch Myself” was released in ’91, not in the ’80s.  

    RIP Chrissy Amphlett.

  9. Capital_7 says:

    Even if I must be the first to say it here, Fuck Cancer. 

    Sad news.  RIP Chrissy.

  10. Steve Taylor says:

    Well damn. She was a big part of my musical landscape back when, and when you discounted the silly costumes she wore, they made some bloody good music. And 53s a bit young to go. No good.

  11. Carl D Hursh says:

    Cancer has taken too many. Rest in peace Christine.

    Sidenote: She (the band) had much more and better songs than the only one people in media speak of.

  12. ImmutableMichael says:

    I saw the Divinyls at the South Melbourne cricket ground in 1984 supporting Midnight Oil – a show that will stay in my mind forever. The lead guitar player started playing a song not on the set list (obvious from the glares from the other band members) and early in the song, Chrissie sensually slide her foot up his inside leg before stomping her pointed heel hard on his foot. Some time later after some conciliatory gestures, she put her arm around him. And then stomped on his foot again. Between the Divinyls and the Oils, just exiting their early surf band days, it was the most energy I ever saw on a stage.

    Vale Chrissie. We’ll miss you but we’re so grateful for what you gave us.

  13. TWX says:

    *sigh*  If only she’d followed her own anthem, maybe she’d have caught it earlier and would still be here to entertain us today…

  14. spumfry says:

    To quote Danny Baker: You don’t fight cancer. You’re the battleground. Science is fighting it. You’re Normandy beach, you’re Hastings in 1066.

  15. Chris Cooper says:

    She was epic, she pissed on the audience rather than stop the show and take a break.

    My friend Karen last night confirmed what I had understood to be an urban myth, she was at a Divinyls gig in the 80’s and Chrissy Amphlett dropped her panties halfway through a song and squirted on the punters.