At Wired News' Danger Room, Spencer Ackerman's feature on the technology and crowdsourcing dynamics that allowed law enforcement to identify the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing so rapidly. "Hiding in plain sight was an ocean of data, from torrents of photography to cell-tower information to locals’ memories, waiting to be exploited." []

3 Responses to “Modern Manhunt: FBI, Hive Mind, Boston Bombers”

  1. “Police, FBI, and the other investigators opted to let spectator surveillance supplement and augment their own.”

    What a bold, new idea. Did someone say “Zapruder”?

  2. swankles says:

    Assuming they didn’t know who it was before it even happened.

  3. Cowicide says:

    One thing reddit was good for was gathering intelligence on police positions including the specific locations of command posts, etc.  That is, if you were the bombers anyway…


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