Computer-vision boob-tracker

There's precious little info available about Mizirk "Boob Tracker," a computer vision project (based on a Kinekt?) that automatically detects boob-like objects and masks them with user-selectable bitmaps, following them as they move around the field of view. Mizirk's total delight in the performance of this little confection is what makes it.

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. He should turn this in instead of whatever he was supposed to be working on. I’d give him an A. 

  2. I can’t wait to see YouTube apply this technology to let us view formerly-NSFW videos of topless men. 

    1. Sell the code to those Utah-based movie censoring companies that haven’t been sued into submission, quick!

  3. Old news.  Homeland Security has been working on this image-recognition stuff for years. Also, they don’t like boobs.

      1. But wait the inverse would be even better.  All the strippers are fully clothed and only via Google Glass (and payment) can you virtually see them naked/topless. 

  4. My guess is that this isn’t really tracking boobs.  I would guess that it uses the Kinect API  to track a full human and then guess where the boobs (moobs?) are.  If it it were detecting “boob-like objects”, say through openCV blob detection, it would break when he turns and one of his nipples is no longer visible.  If it’s using skeletal tracking, however, it will still be able to guess where the boobs are even if the computer can’t see them.

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