How pizza and Pente led to one Oklahoman's high-flying kite obsession

Ben Marks, Senior Editor of says, "We just published an article about kites, from their history and construction to the Stillwater, Oklahoma, pizza-joint owner (Richard Dermer) who's made kites his life-long obsession."
"When we go to somebody’s wedding, the reception always has those little napkins with the bride and groom’s names and wedding bells printed on them,” Dermer says. “You can separate the layers of tissue and get one thin tissue with the name of the bride and the groom. We always bring a little bit of bamboo, monofilament fishing line, sewing thread, and glue. In about 20 minutes, bingo, we’ve made a couple of wedding kites for the happy couple we can present on the spot. We’ve got a lot of those out there.”

(Reminds me of the song that I love and hate with equal passion: "Kites are Fun," by The Free Design.)

Love at First Kite: How Pizza and Pente Led to One Oklahoman's High-Flying Obsession