Man jailed for three months for "pixie porn"


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  1. oasisob1 says:

    What’s next, adults convicted of sex offenses for masturbating as children?

  2. millie fink says:

    Oh Rob, you and your perfectly chosen gifs!

  3. rvernon says:

    Thought police.  If THOUGHTS were sufficient for a charge, we wouldn’t have enough politicians on the streets to form a functioning government.

    • theophrastvs says:

      It really is a thought crime issue.  Somewhere there was an animation which showed the drawing of two stick figures having sex.  The animator paused to admire the work.  Then added an crude arrow pointing to one of the two figures and labeled it “12 year old”, immediately storm troopers broke through the walls and dragged him away.

      At the time, i wondered if drawing the meta-drawing of the drawing was itself a crime (or if my describing… [looks about fearfully])

  4. awjt says:

    In 50 years, they will look back in disgust at how barbaric we were.  That’s because every silicon factory gulag will have walk-through MRI machines to tell whether someone is just getting off on pixie porn or is a true psychosocial deviant who should be shunted over into the brain re-programming line.

    • C W says:

      “In 50 years, they will look back in disgust at how barbaric we were.”

      My guess: In 50 years we’re going to have some major victories and some major social losses, so we’ll have a new set of problems to deal with (or the same ones, expressed in new ways.) We’re not necessarily “moving towards” anything unless pushed there through activism, law, and some sort of public giving-a-shit. 

  5. SamSam says:

    It may be silly, and it may be a gif from a children’s classic, but I’ll still admit that I scrolled past that animation in a hurry when browsing BB in my office. What does that say about such representations (aside from the fact that I shouldn’t be browsing BB while at work…)?

  6. Christopher says:

    The bright side is this will potentially give rise to a new saying: “Pixies or it didn’t happen.” 

  7. jon says:

    so, if I watch Saving Private Ryan, there’s a real possibility that I’ll go to France, kill Germans and tear up the landscape?

  8. 10xor01 says:

    NSFW!!! NSFW!!!

  9. signsofrain says:

    Pedophilia is a disease. A disease which voluntarily seeking treatment for can land you in prison or worse, even if you haven’t committed a crime. Pedos who attempt to keep their urges at bay using cartoons are probably the kind of people who would seek treatment were it not incredibly dangerous to life and liberty to do so. New laws around pedophilia should be about making treatment available to these poor souls, not finding new ways to lock them up.

    • rvernon says:

      Ok.  What if…the pedo becomes a born again Christian.  NO…CATHOLIC.  Then confesses the sin of desiring pixie ass to a priest?  TECHNICALLY, he’s off scott free!

    • UFIA says:

       It’s sickening to most, but not a disease.
      It’s as treatable as homosexuality.
      Not at all. 

    • marilove says:

      Pedophilia can’t really be treated, though, and it certainly can’t be cured. It’s not a disease.

      • Tynam says:

        But it can be managed.  There are people who possess the urge towards paedophilia but do not, in fact, allow themselves to harm children.

        These people are unsung heroes.

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          Pretty much everyone has the urge to punch somebody occasionally, but manages not to do it. Not sure that’s heroism.

          • abdulalhazred says:

             If the urge to punch somebody is an equivalent to  sexual urge, you
            might want to seek help too. The point is that in that case, you can.
            Anger management help exists and isn’t a black mark on your person for
            Denying your sexuality, forever, because of whatever quirk
            made you that way, seems like a lifetime of torment. I can live with
            calling it heroism if they manage to get through life without ever
            acting on it.

          • marilove says:

            so what do you call them if they don’t manage to live their life without acting on it?

            They aren’t heroes.

            They are just managing not to molest and rape children.

        • marilove says:

          Heroes? No.

          People who manage not to MOLEST AND RAPE CHILDREN. aren’t heroes.

          That’s just, you know, NOT MOLESTING CHILDREN.  

          Kinda something we expect people to not do, ever, for any reason, and for good reason.

          Just like murder.

          Or are people who don’t murder also unsung heroes?

          What a load of hogwash.

          Look, I feel some pity for folks who have this disorder, but heroes? That is about a thousand steps too far.

    • signsofrain says:

      I’d argue that, in all likelihood (I won’t claim to know ‘facts’ like you lot pulling stuff out of your asses saying it’s incurable) there are cases which would respond to treatment and cases that wouldn’t. People who hurt kids, jail. Lifetime supervision if released. People who have intrusive thoughts that they can’t help and don’t want, treat them. Mental illness is treatable. Plenty of people suffer from intrusive thoughts. Plenty of people get horrible ideas stuck in their heads… these people can be helped. Drugs, therapy. I say again mental illness is treatable. Don’t make blanket statements about people who aren’t neurotypical, it’s stupid.

      • N Poppleton says:

        Yeah, like there are gay people who respond well to gay-to-straight conversion camps.

        • signsofrain says:

          Comparing pedophilia to homosexuality is pretty awful of you. Pedophilia is mental illness, not sexual orientation.

          Obviously everyone is responsible for their own actions, and should be held accountable for them. My posts are to try to bring awareness to the fact that there are pedophiles who don’t pose an immediate threat to children and we should help these people instead of waiting for them to commit actual crimes.

          •  Pedophilia is perhaps an organic preference, thus the concordance in gayness; gay culture with stand-up and standup peeps and of course /oddlybenign being the horrible secret Boy George revealed sure helped, so the Archer where an ODIN agent subtly ragequits is an exception to sage up policy (on high ranking Mil/Fed persons who have slick human relationships) if anything. So again, helping someone substantiate theoretical exposure to a hyperbolic DA  scopes out as hateful at best. Another crack at knocking gnosis, CG and/or wee folk neoteny into opposing pockets?

            ‘Never bring a photobomb into a toon boom studio courtroom?’ When is the Opinion due for publication?

  10. hugh crawford says:

    I thought that pixies where imortal*/ageless/at least very old , so wouldn’t this be more like elder porn not child porn?

    *unless done in by fairies

  11. Bradley Robinson says:

    An’ it harm none, so mote it be.

  12. anansi133 says:

     Finding and stopping *real* child abusers is expensive and messy and time consuming and chancy. Far easier to catch a pretend child abuser, and claim he was a threat.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Finding and stopping *real* child abusers is expensive and messy and time consuming and chancy.

      I thought that it usually involved a taxpayer-paid trip to a tropical foreign locale for a week of “interviewing” friendly young locals.

      •  Fake children, man; it’s not just bots in FPS and MMORPG anymore. Energetic drones are going to ask you to take them home and change their pants until moms come and without enjoying it because…compliance?

        Yes; it seems less chancy that way, like fish in parchment and pastry.

    • llazy8 says:

      From the article: “Clark has previous convictions for indecently assaulting a teenage boy and has been through rehabilitation programmes . . .”

  13. Would I then be charged with MURDER most foul in New Zealand if I were found to be in possession of a photograph of a statue depicting the murder of Thomas à Becket?
    It is more real than the “pixie porn” because it depicts an actual murder.

  14. wysinwyg says:

    You people disgust me.  Supporting the continued exploitation of the faerie folk.  Ugh.


  15. Lurking_Grue says:

    This is crazy! It is will known that Pixies and other fair folk are immortal and look young.   They are sexually mature and look younger than they are.

  16. David C. Morrow says:

    New Zealand is nototious as a feminist country. This nonsense is what happens when females are in control.

  17. LogrusZed says:

    Soon it will be a crime to make love with a partner who has proportional dwarfism or congenital growth hormone syndrome.

  18. Elaine Darznik says:

    We have a pretty strange justice system and judiciary here in NZ. Some would say ‘perverted’. As you know, judges never wank. Except for the judge who did so – while a case was being heard. Tut tut.

    Everysooften these judgemental little puritans crawl out of the woodwork and cast their poison around our society. The case mentioned is one recent example. I think these nay-sayers have utterly forgotten how THEY arrived on the planet and project their disgust onto everyone else. 

    This sort of witch-hunt eventually turns back on the perpetrators, judges included. It is often the most outspoken moral evangelists that have the most to hide.

  19. Heevee Lister says:

    So it’s NOT about the children then.  What IS it about?

  20. Petzl says:

    Another spin on this issue are the people who photoshop legal-age models to look well under the legal limit.

    I’m too lazy to research this, but I believe some years ago a guy was locked up for just this offense: the pictures were of identified porn models over 18, but as had been modified to look like children, he was convicted. [citation needed]

  21. D3 says:

    Heh! I was just re-reading Nicholson Baker’s Vox, and he talks about how arousing that Tinkerbell stuck in the keyhole scene is.

  22. Alex Reynard says:

    This shit makes me volcanically angry. Governments that jail people for looking at harmless images are doing NOTHING to reduce real human misery. And if recent research is correct, they may actually be encouraging more sex crimes. It seems as though the countries with the loosest laws on pornography have less sex crimes. Why? Because people have a safe outlet for their desires. Human laziness and the instant gratification of the internet keeps them at home. Cut off every avenue for someone to explore a dark part of their sexuality, and you leave them little choice but to find it in other people.

    If nothing else, it pisses me off for the sheer stupidity. If these morons want to be consistent, they also need to ban hospital-themed TV shows to prevent diseases.

  23. Dmitri F. says:

    Unfortunately this happens in other countries as well.

    In Sweden a well known Manga researcher and translator was arrested and tried for possession of manga drawings that allegedly depicted child pornography. (it appears that his wife ratted him out to the cops in a bid for custody of their child)

    He was convicted by two lower instances of the court and was finally cleared in the highest instance. But even there, the judges had to come up with some convoluted points, and they still found at least one of 39 images to be illegal, although it was felt that his possession was acceptable in light of his work. Meaning that no real legal precedent was set and the law remains unchanged.

    There was a huge media storm and several political parties also chimed in with criticisms — other than the obviousness of comics not harming children — that hunting for comics is taking away resources from helping actual children.
    On MP actually turned herself in to the police for possession of a newspaper article with an old painting that depicted naked children in a sexual situation – the investigation is still ongoing I believe.

    Apparently this is not unheard of in the US either:

  24. kayzam says:

     true    why do they draw the female with very little clothe real big boob tight ass no need for that ——or is there hard rod in the way of the [  drawing ]. what next strap less dress so we no it a girl. come on guy pull it up before it pop out?

  25. What a load of crap! These clowns are making crap up! No study has ever linked cartoons to real world child abuse. This guy just wants to put people in jail for for being different and being “wrong” in his eyes. 

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