Man jailed for three months for "pixie porn"

In New Zealand, "cartoon fantasy creatures" led to a conviction for possessing child porn.

A man has been jailed for watching cartoon videos of fantasy creatures having sex. Ronald Clark downloaded the Japanese anime cartoons three years ago, setting in train events that would see him in court in Auckland and jailed for three months for possessing objectionable material, and sparking debate as to what harm is caused by digitally created pornography.

Even the Daily Mail, Britain's high priesthood of pedophile panic, clearly thinks this is a joke, calling it "pixie porn."

But to some, this is itself a form of child abuse: "It's all part of that spectrum," says one Alan Bell, the director of ECPAT Child Alert. He seems to have no self-awareness at all for what this suggests about children who have been victimized—children whose very real suffering blurs behind his ridiculous prosecutorial fixation on cartoon thoughtcrime.

I take it there are not many Caravaggios in New Zealand.