Report: Ricin-to-president suspect may have been framed

"The Mississippi man charged with sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama reportedly has been released on bond, amid an apparent probe into whether he might have been framed." [Fox]


    1. Competition in the nutjob sector is damn fierce these days, as the internet gives previously localized nutjobs a wide audience and steady advances in technology turn yesterday’s paranoid fantasies into today’s warrantless surveillance techniques…

      It’s brutal. 

      1. I blame people like Alex Jones and David Icke for taking nutjobbery corporate. I hear that some of their conspiracy theories aren’t even made in the US any more, but are manufactured in bulk in China by workers in conspiracy sweatshops who can turn out hundreds of new nutball theories an hour.

        I read something about that on an Internet forum, so it must be true.

    1. Well, I had read in the paper this morning that searches of the guy’s home had failed to turn up any ricin, any evidence of making ricin, any of the equipment needed to make ricin or any evidence that the guy had ever looked up information on how to make it.  So…

        1. Every time something like this happens, and I start to Google it out of curiosity, my paranoia that it might eventually be used against me in some random, trumped-up case makes me stop.  This particular case really hasn’t made that paranoia any better… just think, it may have only been his lack of curiosity that saved him from unjustly ending up in prison.

  1. Someone MAILED F’k’N RICIN to the F’k’N PRESIDENT to frame a Elvis impersonator.. This guy must have really stepped on someones blue suede shoes.

    1. Or maybe he’s actually Elvis (rejuvenated by the aliens) and this is part of some conspiracy to out him.

      1.  Oh, please! Elvis never died, he just disappeared, grew older and looking strangely like an aged Bruce Campbell.

    2. He believes that a hospital he previously had worked for was involved in stealing people’s organs (something he’s been trying to warn authorities about), and that a conspiracy was plotting against him.  So who knows who he pulled into his paranoid conspiracy delusion.  Assuming it is just a paranoid delusion…

      1. Apparently the old adage “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you” applies here.

      2. Yeah, he’s crazy, but how does someone THAT mad develop an even nuttier rival? Aren’t the violent crazies (like the ricin-sender) usually drawn to not-crazies to fixate on?

  2. Since my country left me
    I found a new place to dwell.
    Its down at the end of lonely street,
    It’s Ricin hotel.

    From Elvis Impersonator’s Las Vegas period. 

  3. Not to mention that ricin is only effective if breathed or injected and would have required a much larger dose to be orally ingested.  So ricin is not the thing to send in a powder form in an envelope, that’s anthrax.

    So yeah, some joker who didn’t know what they were doing, or intentionally was doing it wrong, and nevermind the fact that this would have never, ever actually killed anyone.

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