Rothko toast

SFMOMA's cafe is now serving "Rothko Toast," spread in a manner reminiscent of Rothko's "No. 14, 1960."

Behold: Rothko toast, the latest artsy menu item SFMOMA's café on Third Street. Like the work that inspired it ("No. 14, 1960") the toast features two tones of color (apricot butter and wild blueberry jam, in this case). Unlike Rothko's priceless piece, this toast will probably only run you a couple bucks and comes mounted on Acme pain de mie, rather than canvas.

SFMOMA Café Unveils Rothko Toast, Patrons Are All Like: 'My Kid Could Make This' (Thanks, Fipi Lile!)


  1. Nice! I’ll pass on the The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living soup, though.

  2. This seems like the sort of thing that you would not want to try to get away with in a jurisdiction that takes ‘moral rights’ seriously as an element of copyright…

  3. For healthier fare, try the Magritte apple, which the cafeteria server holds out to you at arm’s length, thereby obscuring their own face.

    Oh, and you might want to skip the Marcel Duchamp soda fountain.

  4. Looks like they serve it on Edith Heath designed service ware as well.  I recently had the chance to visit their new space in the mission; it’s sweet.  

    1. But they forgot to say “artisanal” apricot butter.  How could the apricot butter not be artisanal?

      1. I wonder you you could get away with just letting the customer see the 50lb institutional tub-o-condiment if you told them that it was a ‘brutalist’ topping?

    1. I used to eat lunch at the Scandinavia Deli in on Market Street in SF occasionally. It was, remarkably, largely filled with Scandinavian diners. Inevitably, the waitress would walk up to a table of firefighters and say, “Are you finished?” And they’d all reply loudly in unison, “No, we’re Swedish!” And laugh hysterically. Every day.

  5. They also serve the best latte in SF, pulled from a full manual espresso machine. It’s art in itself.

  6. SFMOMA will be closing from June 3 through 2016 for remodeling and construction, so get your toast soon if you want it.

  7. If this had been available last year, that Yellowist guy could have made his big dumb statement by writing on his toast, thereby dodging prison.

  8. I can already envision a cute little card, sitting on the counter, with the handwritten sales pitch: “Don’t like abstract expressionism?  Then eat it.”

  9. OMG the influence of The Toast Marketing Board is REAL!!!

    It’s only natural that their influence would seep out of a book where real-world-book-world travel is possible.

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