Winners of the Marijuanamerica giveaway


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  1. noah django says:

    Cool!  Thanks Mark.  I really liked that thread, too.

  2. boise427 says:

    Good stories. Remember that the forces that depend on prohibition for their careers, profits and authority are prepared to bypass democracy in order to maintain the current status quo. Get out and sign voter initiatives and vote for easing of pot laws. It is going to take an election cycle or 2 for mainstream politicians to realize that the old “soft on marijuana = soft on drugs = soft on crime” is completely false and will cost them elections.

  3. Preston Sturges says:

    A story I heard during that period was that a friend had gone to a bachelor party in LA, and half the guys there were LAPD, but they all liked the party.  At some point, they ran out of  weed and a couple of the cops decided to make a weed run.  Of course they don’t actually have to pay for weed.  They took along a couple of the guys who got to ride in the back seat (in cuffs) while the drunk stoned cops drove.  They pulled over some guys who looked liked they might be holding, took their weed, kicked them in the ass, and let them go with a “warning,” then they went back to the bachelor party with the weed.. 

  4. Preston Sturges says:

    OK, we were camping in FL and on the 4th of July all the parents went to hit the bar leaving me and another 15 year old guy  at the campground.  Bored we wandered out to the jetty, sat on the only picnic table, and watched the full moon rise over the ocean.  After a little while a couple people came out and said “Mind if we get high?” and we didn’t mind so they got us high, then left.  And this was good florida weed, real fresh.  A couple minutes later, someone else came out and said “Mind if we get high?” so we all got high, and they left.  Soon after that someone else came out and said  “Mind if we get high?”….  

    Anyway,  about that time a thunderstorm was drifting across the horizon over the ocean, with the full moon behind silhouetting the cloud, which would occasionally light up and toss a bolt of lighting down into the ocean.  The storm was probably 8 miles away.  Then in the foreground, a fireworks display started about a mile away, with the thunderstorm flickering in the distance behind.  Then as we watched the full moon climbed from behind the thunderstorm.  

  5. woid says:

    I demand a recount.

  6. elix says:

    I kind of missed that thread, but I think I’ll share my story here. The short version is that lil’ elix didn’t have the greatest childhood, what with divorce when I was five, persistent school bullying with an incompetent and ineffectual support system that failed me, and so on. I never went hungry or got my ass beat, mind, so it wasn’t too bad.

    One day when I was 29, a month after my birthday, and about four months or so since I’d gotten a reliable way to get weed for the first time since trying it once during my college years, I had an empty house to myself on a sunny Saturday. I got a little more stoned than I’d ever been, and decided to take a shower, since I’ve always been a water baby, and an almost-hot shower is nice and comforting.

    After I’d gotten the water running and was in the shower, it became very clear that my high had intensified into a significantly more intense experience than I’d previously experienced, and I was having just a little bit of trouble with my balance. Fortunately, the previous owner of the home had been an elderly gentleman, and the tub was still fitted with the steel support bars he’d had bolted to the walls to help him get in and out of the tub, so I was able to get myself down on my butt without incident. The showerhead is a showerhead on a peg attached to a hose running down to the faucet, so I brought it with me.

    I then just relaxed and felt the warm water play over my body while I was the most baked I’d ever been. About ten minutes later, I sort of regained focus on reality. This is going to sound cheesy, but I’m being sincere here. While I was lucid the whole time, I was partially dissociated from the helm, and my inner child basically came out to play. I had my bathroom window open to avoid setting off the smoke detector with steam, so I had the peaceful sounds of life in my fairly quiet neighbourhood. My eyes were closed, and my world was the steady drone of a lawn mower a few streets down, the laughter of the kids a few doors up and across the street bursting out of the house and into the front yard with their play, the occasional car going by, and the heat and sensation and sound of the shower spray over my bare skin.

    For those ten minutes, I had none of the pressures and responsibilities of adult life weighing me down. None of the insecurities or worries, none of the fears for the future, for the environment, nothing. For ten minutes, I was four years old again, and I got to experience the physical pleasure and joy of warm water over my body. I realized I could feel that way, still, as I was entering what would be several years of battling depression (I’m not out of the woods, but I’ve been feeling substantially better for the last week or so).

    TL;DR Marijuana helped heal some of the scars from my childhood.

  7. noah django says:

    can’t delete post

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