Wyndhamesque missives from Scarfolk, an English horror-town trapped in a 1969-79 loop


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  1. drongo says:

    Paging Mr Warren Ellis. Call for Mr Warren Ellis, please pick up the large, shiny bakelite phone with too many dials. 

  2. Boundegar says:

    Well I give up.  I suppose all educated people know what Wyndhamesque means, but I can’t seem to find a hint of a definition.  I fail at BoingBoing.

    But the posters are sweetly awesome. Like the evil twin of Look Around You.

  3. eviladrian says:

    Is there a name for this kind of “eerie community announcement” fiction?  Is it literary found-footage?

    Whatever you call it, I love this stuff!  Some of my favourites below.

    Welcome to Night Vale Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/welcome-to-night-vale/id536258179?mt=2

    District Bulletins: http://www.somethingawful.com/series/15.php

    This is Jinsy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQBFNwFiQ2c

  4. dayhat says:

    I love the book covers, the evocation of ladybird and penguin covers from the 1970s is perfect for a trawlers of second hand book stores.
    Children and hallucinogens is a great example.

  5.  Interestingly enough, I, also, did not progress beyond 1979.  This should be just the place for me!

  6. Hugh Stimson says:

    This is what I have always imagined my father’s young adulthood in England to have been like. Thank god for emigration.

  7. DevinC says:

    I never knew my government was involved in so many horrors – and as a civil servant, I am complicit in them if I do not immediately resign..  Tomorrow I am going to drive my Lotus Seven Series II up to Whitehall, go into the bowels beneath and resign my job as an intelligence analyst.  (I may also pound on my superior’s desk while doing so.)  

    Then I will take a long vacation in some sunny island, far away from this perfidy.

  8. kmoser says:

    Two words: Logan’s Run.

  9. Sarah Thomas says:

    So how close is this place to Royston Vasey?

  10. thrind says:

    Reminding me of  http://www.somethingawful.com/series/34.php (Instruction For A {X})

  11. jbond says:

    Retrophilia is a dangerous disease that is highly contagious so please take all necessary precautions before reading these. Unchecked it can lead to Retromania and severe neck problems as the sufferer attempts to walk backwards into the future. If you see a child or young adult suffering from nostalgia for a future that didn’t happen, predicted in a past that didn’t exist from before they were born, then report them to the authorities immediately. We can’t be too careful or society may drown in waves of vintage whimsy.

    1970s http://andwhatwillbeleftofthem.blogspot.com/
    1980s http://facesonposters.blogspot.com/
    1990s, 2000s http://upclosemaspersonal.blogspot.co.uk/

    And http://moundsandcircles.blogspot.com/

  12. posting in a thread about a thing i knew about before boingboing posted it. My internet hipster metamorphosis is complete!

    Sometimes i think the humor on the page is a little forced, but the atmosphere is consistently, terrifyingly, oppressive. More ‘A Clockwork Orange’ then ‘Logans Run’ – Also the postcards are beautiful:

  13. Lemoutan says:

    33st May? They’ve suspended even ordinal-rights. The horrrr. The horrrr.

  14. McGreens says:

    Utterly wonderful. Looks like I have a new time sink. (I also want prints)

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