Brew your own Bendërbrāu


10 Responses to “Brew your own Bendërbrāu”

  1. brandonmwest says:

    Got any of that beer that has candy floating in it? You know… Skittlebrau?

  2. discreet and discrete

  3. Roose_Bolton says:

    Good news everyone!

  4. ldobe says:

    I’m partial to Olde Fortran.  The metal shavings in Pabst Blue Robot always makes my throat bloody.

  5. Lord Xenu says:

    Looks yummy! Now if someone would only come up with a recipe for Slurm (or Spice Beer).

  6. huskerdont says:

    Very nice. Interesting that he’s mashing his own grains yet does not use a wort cooler or a glass carboy. Sounds like the results are still good though.

    I am a bit jealous too. I have a keg of steam beer right now, and it never occurred to me to name it Benderbrau.

  7. TripleE78 says:

    Hold the phone. . . there’s a Rush 2212 yeast?  Oh that’s so awesome!

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