Brew your own Bendërbrāu

Over in the /r/homebrewing subreddit, user hatchetthrower has recreated one of my favorite fictional brews: Bendërbrāu, a homebrewed beer from Futurama made entirely inside Bender the robot's chassis. The recipe for the clone is pretty dead on: it's a steam beer as suggested by the label in the show, uses space-aged sounding Zythos hops (Galaxy was out of stock), and Rush 2112 yeast because Rush is one of Fry's favorite bands.

Check out the rest of the discussion on Reddit, as well as this Bender fermenter build for ultrafans.


  1. I’m partial to Olde Fortran.  The metal shavings in Pabst Blue Robot always makes my throat bloody.

  2. Very nice. Interesting that he’s mashing his own grains yet does not use a wort cooler or a glass carboy. Sounds like the results are still good though.

    I am a bit jealous too. I have a keg of steam beer right now, and it never occurred to me to name it Benderbrau.

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