Bruce Minney's wonderfully ridiculous illustrations for mid-century men's adventure mags

My pal Bob Knetzger says:

I'm guessing you love old school illustrators and hearing about them as much as I do, so I think you'll really like the winter 2013 issue of Illustration magazine (number 40).

There's a low res previews here (you can't read it but you can view thumbnails of the cool art).

Check out the article on Bruce Minney, great "manly" illustrator of men's mags, paperbacks and ads -- with snarling rats, blazing guns, menacing Nazis and, of course, plenty of gals with va-va-voom!

Illustration #40: Edwin Austin Abbey, Bruce Minney, and More.


  1. So, women tied to posts in their underwear and covered in rats by Nazis is sex-ay? Hmm. Also, why not put this behind a NSFW?

    1. Does your supervisor know you’re wasting your employer’s valuable time browsing Boing Boing at work?

  2. “So, women tied to posts in their underwear and covered in rats by Nazis is sex-ay?” 

    Apparently it was to a certain type of reader.

    “Also, why not put this behind a NSFW?”

    Because I don’t think it’s NSFW.

  3. Every literary work that falls within the boundaries of free speech deserves a good illustration.

  4. These Nazis must have time traveled to the 60’s because the gals aren’t wearing 1940’s granny bloomers. 

  5. Is it a sexist graphic  depicting women on boingboing, perhaps a bit “retro”?  Seems that 9 out of 10 times it’s posted by Mark Fraunfelder.  Not surprised. Wish people did  not consider this a “wonderful thing” to which boingboing is  a directory.

    1. We haven’t been a directory of wonderful things for years. We’re now a compendium of greasy peccadilloes.

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