How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin - exclusive book excerpt


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  1. maclaine says:

    This seems to be based on the documentary of the same name:

  2. Sara Padilla says:

    My friend Margarita was arrested for singing Beatles songs outside a youth club in Vratsa when she was thirteen.  She made it sound like a really good time.

  3. Kaleberg says:

    See if you can scrape up a copy of the 2008 movie Hipsters aka Stilyagi or Boogie Bones.

    It’s set in Moscow in the early 50s, and the story centers on a young man, a straight arrow, whose Komsomol group is at war with the hipsters who listen and dance to western music and dress in outrageous western outfits. After a raid on one of the hipsters secret dances he falls for a hipster girl and starts moving into their circle. It’s worth it for the big musical number towards the beginning alone.

    It’s not easy to find, almost like a jazz album in the 1950s USSR.

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