Open Tech Forever: open source hardware co-op

Yoonseo Kang sez, "Open Tech Forever is a new open source hardware cooperative: a worker-owned R&D and education company that teaches others how to make hardware and start their own businesses. The Open Tech Forever team has recently launched their Indie-gogo crowdfunding campaign to fund the construction and documentation of an open source R&D factory on their 40 acre site in Denver, Colorado, and runs thru May 13."

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  1. FoolishOwl says:

    I’m seeing more discussion lately of worker-owned cooperatives. Part of this is probably the recent publication of Democracy at Work, by Richard Wolff.

    It’s good to see some practical proposals for alternative organizations getting attention.

  2. aaronmakaruk says:

    The Open Source Economy is a trend that takes a shift in understanding to see and value, but it’s on its way and it will be one of the biggest things to happen in this century. We are happy to be inspired and play a part in its development. The Open Source Factory is just the beginning – thank you all for your support, and please contact us with questions or comments.

    We are launching a new collaboration platform this weekend, and it will allow thousands of people to easily contribute to our design process. We’ll make an announcement – stay tuned…

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