Police officer has sex with prostitute, then arrests her

Pittsburgh is a safer place, thanks to police detective Ronald DePellegrin, who allowed himself to receive a blow job in order to arrest a prostitute.

DePellegrin saw an online ad for a prostitute and "obtained his [chief's] permission to conduct an undercover operation." He set up an appointment with the prostitute, first stopping by Walgreens to purchase condoms and baby wipes.

DePellegrin describes what happens next in his criminal complaint: “Becky started to perform oral sex on me, when I said oh shit, the cops were coming."

A police union spokesman uttered a classic policespeak word in his defense of the sting operation: "[Police officers] sometimes have to do what they have to do to effectuate an arrest."

Sex First, Then Arrest Hooker: Don't Cops Have Better Things to Do?


  1. “…at which point the officer was unable to resist the ministrations of the suspect, and found himself brought to the point of a sexual act.”

  2. I’m not going to get into the prostitution: rights vs. exploitation discussion.

    That being said, this story is good example of why criminalizing prostitution is no helping anyone and enforcing prostitution is a logic warping enterprise.

    Who should handle the negative effects of prostitution?  Doctors, therapists, and social workers not the police.

    1. “Doctors, therapists, and social workers not the police.”

      Just like the war on drugs, yeah?

      1. In the sense that one’s position on the legal status of prostitution can be independent of one’s opinion on whether prostitution is inherently exploitative, I’m guessing.

  3. criminalizing prostitution is probably a no-win exercise.   that being said…  if you get paid to have sex as a part of your job, what does that make you? i suppose cops get some lee-way and/or pre-emptive immunity in such important cases.

    1. “if you get paid to have sex as a part of your job, what does that make you?”

      A hot date? Though with the current economy, a girl these days is lucky to get Fazoli’s and a ticket to a Michael Bay movie in exchange for a blowie…

  4. effectuate

    Although I am fundamentally opposed to the death penalty, I allow for a few exceptions.

    “Becky started to perform oral sex on me, when I said oh shit, the cops were coming.”

    I see what you did there…

  5. If the officer was being paid while receiving oral sex, does that make him a prostitute, as well?

    1. There is, as I understand it, an exception that allows pornographic actors to work legally – the payer must be a party to the sex act for it to constitute prostitution.  If all participants are payees of some third party, it’s not prostitution anymore.

      1. Sounds more like he effectuated a free blow job to me.
        As for that porno exception, it seems like there is some potential here.  Would it be possible to create some kind of third party exchange system with a complex payment system to make prostitution ‘legal’?  

  6. DePellegrin describes what happens next in his criminal complaint: “Becky started to perform oral sex on me, when I said oh shit, the cops were coming.”

    Sure he “obtained his chief’s permission” first. No one could possibly suspect that he got caught having sex with a prostitute, then asked his buddy chief who was only too happy to pretend that it was a “sting” operation all along.

    1. Let’s just say, hypothetically, that it really did happen the way he claims: he obtained permission from his chief to have sex with a prostitute.

      While I agree that it’s much more likely that the chief is merely pretending that this was an officially approved sting operation, the officer’s story actually makes the chief look even more stupid.

  7. Technically speaking, if he is paid for doing his job, and his job is to have sex with her, then he was…. wait for it….

    *Paid* for *sex*. 

    Certainly he should be prosecuted for such a thing.

    1.  Well, he said he bought condoms, and cops are always using condoms as proof of intent to prostitute.

  8. I’d be inclined to accept Police Detective DePellegrin’s approach as perfectly legal as long as he can prove that he does not discriminate in terms of gender or sexuality. I.e. if he engages an equal amount of male and female sex workers and accepts being on both the receiving and giving end of penetration, then I’d be fine with it.

  9. I recall a case like this in Austin getting thrown out.  There were a number of massage parlors in which prostitution was occurring, and an undercover cop visited one.  They tried to bust the place but then it turned out that the cop had gone through with the “massage.”  This wound up in “News of the Weird” but none of us remembered it hitting the local press. This would’ve been 1990 or so…

    1. Surprisingly it didn’t make “News of the Weird”, but Nashville was doing something similar in 2005: the cops paid guys they’d arrested for other crimes to go into strip clubs and solicit sex, in exchange for reduced sentences.

      Interestingly the local paper that reported it was also the one that regularly ran “News of the Weird”.

  10. “[Police officers] sometimes have to do what they have to do to avoid paying their prostitute” Fixed

  11. And all of this could be solved by using Bitcoin, because as the government said: It isn’t real money! No money == No prostitution!
    You are just blowing someone for a string of random characters. No harm in that!

  12. Police unions have got to be one of the most vile and corrupt organizations in this country.  It pisses me off that whenever they pass anti-union bills, the one union that needs to be shot dead is always left exempt.

  13. Another tough day at the office?

    How was your day, Dad?

    Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

    It’s a really tough job, but someone has to do it.

    What did you say the name of his union is?

    Beats coffee and donuts any day of the week.

    Can he put the cost of the condoms on his expense account?

    Good thing for him he is off of traffic details.

  14. “had sex”?

    Surely at the very least that should be “obtained sexual services through fraud and misrepresentation.”

    Or, if we’re being picky about it, “raped.”

    Or does the consent of a prostitute not count when an authority figure is involved?

  15. Same thing happened to me in Georgia, we were in the act when his buddies came knocking on the door with the Sgt & arrested me. Tried to ACT like he was a John but I knew better. I bailed out & went straight to IA & he eventually lost his job. We (prostitutes,escorts etc) are not just victims to just crazy tricks #1 predators are law enforcement officers… smh

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