Video of a collapsing tin mine next to the ocean in Malaysia (1993)

On Monday, we posted Tim Heffernan's shock-and-awe inspiring article about a collapsed copper pit in Utah. In the comments, gastronaut wrote, "On the upside, at least this mine wasn't right next door to the ocean like a certain tin mine in Malaysia." The video is surreal and horrific.


  1. I think we just stumbled on a solution for dealing with sea level rise!

    Wonder how much land each continent would have to hollow out to offset the glacier melt.

  2. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? 

    The engineers responsible for this gem probably also solved the unproven mystery of what happens when you stick your weener in a mousetrap.  That video was probably equally satisfying to watch.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. 
      Like that, only in big. 
      Or when the Bosporus was created. 
      That was still very much bigger.

  3. I would have been insane with fear watching that much land just turn liquid and flowing around as you’re standing on a nearby hillside. I would have been hightailing it inland as far as I could drive.  

    1. Scary. My jaw dropped open as I realized that a mountain fell down and the whole ocean was just right there ready to start dumping in. And like climate change this wasn’t done by human activity right?

    1. The cove is massive, but if you look inland a bit you’ll see a greater devastation. Huge carpets of palm oil plantations where there should be jungle.

  4. Who knew there was such a thing as a “landslide blog?” I wonder how many other cool blogs I haven’t clued into yet…

  5. I did wonder about the reasoning behind digging a massive hole next to the sea.

    I didn’t catch the “I told you so” lifeguard in the vid – must be there somewhere.

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