All the contestants for Miss Korea 2013 converted to an animated GIF

NinjaFridge says, "I found this on reddit and it shows the contestants for Miss Korea 2013." Then he made this GIF. I think they all look pretty different from each other, but it's a fun animation anyway. (Via Kristie Lu Stout)


    1. “And there was seen another sign in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his heads seven diadems.”

      And it met with NRA lobbyists…

    1. Until I read the text, I thought it was a .gif of the same person in different outfits and hairstyles.  Which, in a way, it is.

    2. not only that, but that is the buried lede.   there was a Japanese blog that points out that they have all (?) had cosmetic surgery the result of which is convergence upon a single appearance.

      1. Actually, that Japanese blog speculates the contestants have all had cosmetic surgery, without offering any evidence.  Because, you know, their kind all look alike.

        1. I suppose that they could be breeding them in tanks. But seriously, do you know any Korean people? I know a fair few, and they don’t all look alike, and none of them look like this these women. Whether it’s surgery or bizarrely narrow selection criteria, it’s still weird.

          1.  Sadly, pageants, for whatever reason, often seem to favour this sort of convergence. I caught a bit of one of the big international ones a few years back, and in spite of the broad racial and cultural diversity present, the contestants may as well have been palette-swapped clones. Makeup, hair, clothes, etc. were all done converging on a single holywood glam sort of look.  No trace at all of personal or cultural distinctiveness.

      2. There was a story on NPR recently about plastic surgery like this being very common for Koreans, especially getting the eyes widened to look more Western. They call it “double eyelid surgery.”

    3. Finding these contestants creepily similar is different to saying all Koreans look the same.  These women were:

      1) Selected to fit the local beauty ideal
      2) In many cases, the recipients of plastic surgery (narrowing of the chin, botox, etc) in order to look more like the beauty ideal.  South Korea is the #1 country in the world for plastic surgery.  (source: )

      1. Yes, but people who self-righteously object that they all look very different to THEM can bask in the glow of knowing that they’re not racists, unlike those people that say that they’re very similar. Don’t take that away from them.

    4. Yup.  Using logical observation, the girl’s noses have the most variety, then either the chin line or bottom of the eye, but other than the styling, most of these girls have similar facial structures, shapes and positioning.

      Even the creepy pageant smile is the shape, size and color.

    5. I think without any knowledge of Korea and it’s affinity for  cardboard cutout cosmetic surgery it probably isn’t as funny.

  1. A distantly-related family member of mine once announced that he started to watch the Miss Universe pageant but turned it off because there were too many foreigners in it.

    Needless to say this same family member was a great source of entertainment to the rest of us, and this was only one of his many colorful remarks.

  2. Can we just stop posting about animated gifs? I turned them off years ago, and it’s really not worth my time to go digging through about:config to turn them back on.

    ‘Cuz it’s all about me, ya know.

      1. I have a feeling the one on the Wiki page for APNG is the first I’ve ever beheld.

        About frikken time, dammit.

        I’m off to make some sweet animations with full colour and alpha blending.

    1.  Oh, hey, the latest “upgrade” to firefox removed the ability to stop animated GIFs with the escape key. That’s just… Awesome.

      Yeah, yeah, there are extensions and workarounds and codes and other jiggery-pokery to get around it. Which is a solution that is acceptable to about 1% of their userbase (the 1% that has both the patience and the technical savvy to attempt the workarounds).  Good job, guys.

      1. It works for me, although it stops the other important parts of the page before it stops the gif.

  3. Is it me, or does the lady in that third frame have a kind of “I’LL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP AND SWALLOW YOUR SOUL!!” thing going? Seriously, I had to go as far as downloading the image so I could step through it frame by frame to find the unsettling, nigh-subliminal source of nameless dread there.

    It is just me, isn’t it.

    1. Is it me, or does the lady in that third frame have a kind of “I’LL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP AND SWALLOW YOUR SOUL!!” thing going?

      Squarely “just you” there, pard

      1. How do we know you’re not Contestant No. 3?  Or just maybe, did she swallow your soul too??

  4. The individuals certainly look different, but their eyebrows and smiles are eerily consistent. 

    How many hours do they have to practice to be able to summon and maintain the “perfect smile” on short notice? Seems like eyebrows would be easier, as I figure that’s mostly set in stone during the makeup process.

    1. Back when I was in middle school in Alabama, all the cheerleaders had mastered a particular way of smiling in their school photos. They lifted their eyebrows up as the shutter clicked. It was attractive in a fixed way,  the technique produced a consistent result. Probably they had all been trained to do this by the same charm school. I imagine these ladies are all also trained in the art of smiling for the camera by wranglers.

    1. I like the “widening in surprise” phrase better than my grasping “Groucho Marx-y uppy-downy type thingy”.

  5. It might be some sort of illusion/trick of the eye, but I’m trying to figure out why I’m only seeing 4 distinct women in this gif, when the link shows 20 contestants.  For example, I’m not catching a glimpse of any of the contestants who are wearing black tops.

  6. Pause. GIF appears incomplete. Not all 20 faces included, more like 6. Can someone document? (Away from desktop at the moment.)

  7. There was a similar photo , where all the asian girls in a beauty pageant were identical a few years ago… except the shocker on that one was that they were all genetically male.

  8. Hmmm… in the pictures where they aren’t posing as much or wearing as much makeup they look more distinct, but they all have the exact pose to a creepy degree for the made up picture. And yeah… almost all of them have the same nose. I’m guessing that nose is natural to none of them or else that wouldn’t even be possible in a family. Plus the eye makeup is exactly the same on all of the women. The result is straight out of uncanny valley. I guess one thing is certain, Koreans know *exactly* what they find beautiful in a girl’s face. 

    The comparison to US pageants is apt, but there’s still more diversity there (hair color, skin color, etc) so even though they are making themselves look as similar as possible just as these girls are it can’t quite reach the pinnacle of sameness. Now if all the US contestants had to be white and blonde, yep, same effect. Beauty is creepy, isn’t it? Almost like wiping the human being out of the girl.

    1. I grew up in the United States in the South. I remember when the Southern states RULED the Miss America contest. I recall that in particular, the frequent winners/runners up Miss Mississippi all had a similar look – pale skin, deep chestnut hair, a perfect radiant smile, that girl next door who just happens to be drop dead beautifully and perfectly turned out thing.

      You can view photos here (there’s a thumbnail view option):

      1. I always thought that Miss America contestants tended to look like they knew how to rope a calf.

  9. It would be cool to run some sort of subtraction algorithm, and pull out just the differences. I’d like to see that. 

  10. The eyebrows and most of the eyes look the same to me, but I see the nose kinda elongating and shortening in a rapid-fire Pinocchio way that tickles me no end.

  11. They speed by, but in general they seem more natural and better looking than most Miss America contestants. I don’t know if that says more about me or the contestants.

  12. There’s a beauty salon I once visited in Taegu that has won a string of Miss Koreas due to the political influence of that region, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of these women were worked on by the same or similar stylists. 

  13. Korea has a very narrow and specific definition of beauty and the same standard applies to both men and women. I think this is the result of Korea’s hyper-competitive society where people need to judge each other on the same scale. That’s why plastic surgery is so popular here. Everyone wants to have the ‘latest’ nose or eye shape. And it’s not just faces. The ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ culture is very strong here. Strangely, the fashion industry here has a completely different beauty standard as models have to compete in the international market as well. Try googling Korea super models that work internationally like Lee Hye Jung or Hye Park. They have very different faces to what most Koreans would consider soap-opera beautiful.

  14. Good article on this today at Asiaone

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