EFF, FSF, Creative Commons and many others ask W3C to reject DRM conspiracy


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  1. oasisob1 says:

    Can some independent group get together and create their own web standard, devoted to the ideal that the internet is really for the PEOPLE, not the corporations? I’d download whatever browser followed that standard.

  2. blindwanderer says:

    My issue with standardized DRM is that it shifts the onus of support from third party purveyors of DRM onto the browser developers. It’s the difference between Adobe writing a flash player for every browser imaginable and the browser developer having to implement a Flash player from scratch. Adobe has the advantage that they can reuse code, they have an economy of scale they can leverage.

    The result of standardizing DRM will be to drive out the small players who can’t afford to implement DRM.

  3. The Nazi party is raising it’s head again. Not surprised MS is with them but Google? You suck Google.

    • Cowboydroid says:

      Slow down there, the article doesn’t give any information on the extent to which “collaboration” has taken place. For all we know, Hollywood is simply sending letters and proposals. Google could very well be rejecting or ignoring it, because you’re right, this doesn’t follow Google’s practice or goals at all.

  4. thecrud says:

    Up till this week I rented a lot from block buster no more I closed my wallet will never rent again. It will show up in local block buster profit I use to rent every week sometimes twice.

    When I move I will not get any TV service.

    No internet either just my phone and what ever its its wifi sharing.
    lte is good enough for me from now on I will reconsider when google fiber is in my hood.

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