Mid-century modern kitchen

Now that's a kitchen!

1950 Armstrong Mid Century Modern Kitchen


  1. I normally find some kind of charm or interest in old kitchens, but I hate this. Maybe there’s something to the idea behind it if they’d had 3x the space to work with.

  2. That is a kitchen built for one person. If someone was standing at the stove, you couldn’t open the fridge. 

    1. Since I’m one person, I like it just fine.

      If you don’t count the area to the right of the refrigerator, this is about the same size as my horrid little kitchen but a thousand times better.

  3. Because nothing says good eating like sitting at a table directly behind a refrigerator.  Even if there’s a partition there, I’d have to wonder about heat issues.

  4. Table to foreground, island unit against wall, gas stove, nix
    the waffle iron for gadget charging space, and I’m in. Everything else in the
    picture is swell. Cabinet and counter-space be damned, it just gets cluttered

    1. I think the table has to be in the foreground. They probably shoved it in the corner so you can see the island unit better.

      Or a family of contortionists lives there, I don’t know.

    1. Why keep it out on the counter if you only use it for five minutes every morning?

        1. Well, yeah. That’s what you do with limited space; store things in the cupboard and bring them out to be used.

  5. I can just see dinner time for 3 people in there.   Junior has to sit at the pull-out tray strategically placed in front of the back door.  Dad walks in from the garage, knocking him into his plate before he falls on the floor.  But this is good, because it makes enough room for dad to walk behind the island over to his seat at the table…

    1. Mom, not Junior, is at the breadboard, cutting tomatoes while sitting on the stool. Junior knows by now not to attempt to come inside.

  6. I hate everything about that kitchen! It’s pretty much the complete opposite of my current kitchen, which is, not coincidentally, my favourite room in my house.
    This is like the galley kitchen of my university days, but worse because some dumbass put the fridge in the middle of it. Nothing says “cozy morning breakfast” like bumping your elbows into the wall.

  7. Am I the only one who likes this? I think it’s way cool. I would move the fridge to other side of the island which would then un-obstruct the view to the seating but otherwise, this thing rocks hard! The colors are dated, of course, but a little paint, a little trim, throw in some stainless steel, and I could dig this thing.

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