Startup founder confesses to idiotic plot to hoax tech press

Glenn Fleishman: "This strange man, if he exists, fabricated a story to promote a business that may not exist."


  1. Complete jerk. There’s a whole lot of trust underpinning any functioning society and this guy is abusing that for his own personal benefit. I hope he has a hard time in business as a result.

  2. I don’t know if it’s a question of trust, or just a straight-up legal question of fraud.

    It sounds like he took (or was about to take?) $125,000 from an investor for a promise of 10% of a fictional person’s salary, while pretending that the fictional person was real. Isn’t this just plain ol’ fraud?

  3. Is “hoax” in the title really more deserving of the adjective “idiotic” than “tech press”?
    The only victim here is the tech press’ credibility, which could itself be characterized as a hoax if only anyone believed in its existence.

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