Boston troopers recount aerial spotting of bombing suspect in boat

“We were there like that. We do this day in, day out. This is what we do. We went over and when I put that [infrared camera] on the boat, I was actually shocked that not only did I see there was a heat source, but I got a perfect human silhouette. That doesn’t happen that much.” Read more at the Boston Globe.


  1. Pretty cool use of high-tech. Would have been even cooler if they had gathered enough info to avoid shooting in to the boat when he was (as is came out later), unarmed. 

    1. But they already told the news they had a BB gun, so they had to let loose with the bullets after they couldn’t find him until a citizen told them. Just like it took a citizen’s intelligence for them to know where to point the infrared camera. Dude didn’t “put that [infrared camera] on the boat,” he put it where a citizen told him to. Lovely hanger-on comment implying that reports from citizens are usually bunk: “That doesn’t happen that much.”

      Oh well, it’s not like law enforcement agencies have gone to court for the right to reject intelligent applicants.

      Law enforcement is on a huge PR push right now to paper over the gaping holes in their investigation and pursuit of the Marathon bombers, which I’m pretty sure is going to result in power-grab legislation:

  2.  Wow, you two geniuses are so cool with your sarcasm and cynicism. This guy was already suspected of bombing the Boston marathon, killing three and wounding more than 200 people. And then he and his brother carjacked a citizen, killed one cop and tried to kill more on a wild gunfight in which they also attacked the cops with explosives. I think it’s amazing the cops didn’t simply kill this guy outright, but instead took him alive. He gave them every reason to *assume* he was armed, dangerous, potentially suicidal, and willing to kill anyone who got close to him.

    I know it’s hard to accept this, but sometimes the police are in the right. They may not be perfect, but they did their best to protect the citizens of Boston and capture an extremely dangerous suspect. Grow up.

  3. So the person that spotted the blood on the boat is now a woman? So we should just expect all future breaking news to be incorrect now, that is the new normal?

  4. I’m guessing the only reason the thermal imaging worked was the fellow was lying in one position for a long time thereby heating up the adjacent parts of the hull. Otherwise the hull would’ve just blocked the heat given off by his body.

  5. It’s oddly amazing how the police seem to be hogging the spotlight (infrared)  over this when they had a report right down to exactly where the guy was hiding by someone who had actually *looked* in the boat and seen the guy.

    This is not exactly Sherlock Holmes level detective work kids.

    The only legit reason I can think of is they are aware of the clown’s family back in Lower Crapistan who all seem to be a bit beyond the edge of rationality or criminals themselves (Mom has a felony warrant here plus she jumped bail and fled the country) and want to deflect things from the citizen who actually found the guy.

  6.  White polyethelene is transparent to long-IR.   It’s used as fresnel lenses in those motion-detecting security lights.    As far as those night-vision cameras were concerned, that boat was wrapped in clear cellophane.

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