Documentary about the craft and philosophy of wooden boat carpentry


6 Responses to “Documentary about the craft and philosophy of wooden boat carpentry”

  1. Kyle Sarrasin says:

    Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed it. It’s always a pleasure to see someone who is able to take pride in handicraft. Glad to know that there are still some parts of our society where that is a viable occupation.

  2. noah django says:

    i dunno from making boats, but that guy’s shop kicks major ass

  3. hyph3n says:

    Nicely done. But I wanted more boat making.

  4. rocketpj says:

    There are boat builders and boat sailors, and they are rarely the same people.  I tried to be the first, but it wasn’t me. 

    Wooden boats are beautiful works of art, but a hell of a lot of work to build and maintain.  Now I have a fiberglass boat with an aluminum mast – very little maintenance  and much more actual sailing.  But I have huge respect for the wooden boat people.

  5. Singe says:

    I would like to be a boat builder. I would love to do it. I wish I could have that job.

  6. Garymon says:

    For those in the Seattle area that are interested in wood based professions, including boat building. Check this out. I don’t have any experience with the program so I can not say one way or another how good it is. I just noticed the building yesterday and had to look up what it was.

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