Gweek 092: Cartoonist Lucy Knisley

Dean Putney and I interviewed Lucy Knisley, one of my favorite cartoonists. From her website:

Lucy is an illustrator, comic artist and author. Occasionally she is a puppeteer, ukulele player and food/travel writer. She likes books, sewing, bicycles, food you can eat with a spoon, ornery cats, art you can climb on, manatees, nice pens, costumes, baking, television, cheese and Oscar Wilde.

Her first published book, French Milk, is a drawn journal about living (and eating) in Paris with her mother. (From Touchstone Publishing from Simon and Schuster), August of 2008.

Her newest book, Relish, from First Second Books, is about growing up in the food industry. (First Second Books, April 2013.)

Beginning with a love for Archie comics, Tintin and Calvin and Hobbes, she has been making comics in some form or another since she could hold a pencil.

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What we talked about in this episode:



Pretty Girls Ugly Faces



Candy Crush Saga

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

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  1. No Android love? :( The Candy Crush Saga app, at least, is on Android. I guess I should just be glad I’m not on a Windows phone, everyone ignores that . :) 

    1. In this case, it’s a blessing in disguise. Candy Crush is yet another match-three game, and one that hits you up for in-game purchases (such as a few extra lives for $.99) that really aren’t worth it. 

  2. I think that Lucy Knisley is great; I’ve been following her work on her LiveJournal and Tumblr for a while now, and just got Relish and Radiator Days (a collection of her earlier work) recently, and have enjoyed French Milk and her collaboration with Erika Moen in the past. 

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