Hepper cat bed has groovy appeal

It took a day for our cat Louie to fall in love with his Hepper cat bed. After assembling it (5 minutes) Jane tried to push him into it, but he backed out and ran away, eyeing it with suspicion. The next morning he was like a peanut in its shell. Now he spends hours a day in it. I wish it were big enough for me.

Hepper Cat Bed $110


    1. yep. my cats will just have to be satisfied with the sofa, the chairs, the cardboard boxes, the window ledges, the human mattresses (laps and otherwise), and the clean laundry piles they already claim as their bedding.

  1. I bet that if the bed was made out of carboard, he’d been in it even before you finished assembling it.

  2. I bet the box and packing paper this cat bed comes in would be my cat’s favorite bed ever.

  3. I think the makers of this bed should get together with that guy who built the hexapod walking machine.  Paw-manuveurable joysticks and some laser cannons, and I for one will welcome our new feline overlords.

    1. Bruce must have hacked our servers and discovered our true mission: to take over the world. Pod beds are just protos for real Feline Fighting Machines.  AT-ATs will have nothing on us! (evil cat chuckle…)

      ~ your soon-to-be Overlords 

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