Jello Biafra talks Occupy, music, and Obama


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  1. incipientmadness says:

    Thank you Jello for understanding Occupy is not gone. An Occupy Houston member ran for Harris County Sheriff last year as the Green candidate and did quite well, and we still got our Democrat reelected for Sheriff because Remington Alessi  got most of his support  from people who had rarely voted before 2012. And you must remember this is not small potatoes. At 4 million residents, Harris County, TX is the 2nd largest court jurisdiction in the US. We might have a City Council seat soon, we’d have it for sure if Remmy ran for an At-Large seat. How could folks out in the burbs refuse to vote for an Italian named after a firearm?

    The rest of us occupiers are involved with Move to Amend. Occupy Houston was not a failure. We have a stronger Green Party, we have a very active Move to Amend chapter, and most importantly, we stared into the Belly of the Beast on #D12. We faced fear and survived.

  2. Jim Kelly says:

    Ah, Jello. Still right, and still a complete phallus.

    We need more like him.

    • wysinwyg says:

       He is right.  I just wish he’d make good with DK so that I can respect him again.

      Maybe that’s off-topic Jello-bashing.  If so I apologize.

  3. SedanChair says:

    his current band, Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine (whose existence I’d somehow missed!)

    You know why? Because the first rule of Jello Biafra is: Everybody Eventually Gets Enough of Jello Biafra

  4. agonist says:

    Jello’s comment on social media that “It used to be that living in a world of imaginary friends was considered a mental illness” is a fucking amazing quote.

  5. Singe says:

    So has Jello Biafra run for any office yet? No? Hmm.

  6. Terris Linenbach says:

    More participation in democracy is always good. However, the unprepared Occupy “leaders” decided to not put their skin in the game, much like what Ashley Judd did in Kentucky when reality set in. It’s nothing to be hopeful about. There is only one issue that will make a difference – mandatory government funding of public elections. We will have to die for it.

    • Michael Pulsford says:

      Seems to me the Occupy folks had (and risked, and occasionally lost or at least got bruises on) plenty of skin in the game, it’s just that that game was not electoral politics.

  7. Michael Pulsford says:

    (ps, I’m for publicly-funded elections too. I just think Occupy get unfairly criticised for not doing things they weren’t setting out to do.)

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