Oh, the perils of being a reporter on the marijuana beat, which include getting very high

Michael Montgomery, a reporter covering the American pot industry for the Center For Investigative Reporting, learns an important lesson about unique occupational hazards. A fun little animated video.


  1. Oh, this poor guy. I can’t imagine having my first experience of being high being from unexpectedly and unknowingly eating 2 high-potency medical brownies, with no built-up tolerance… much less experiencing it while in an airport, about to catch a plane! Flying is one of most stressful activities we engage in, and he was not in a safe place, under controlled conditions, for taking it the first time — a bad idea for most medicines. These factors exacerbated marijuana’s known side effect of heightened anxiety. No wonder he freaked out! 

    1. From his mentioning that cannabis today is not like the cannabis from when he was young, I got the impression that he may have dabbled in the devil’s lettuce back in the day.  Also, he acknowledges that he heard his hostess say that some of the food had cannabis in it.  Therefore he knew there was at least a possibility of getting high from eating those brownies.  From what I can make out, he intended to get high and have a mellow flight back, but was taken aback by how ridiculously over-powering it was.  This is a common theme among first-time edibles users.

  2. A couple klonopin would’ve eased the panic. Also, an airport does not an ideal setting make for inexperienced users. A friend there would’ve also helped quite a bit. People should be educated on how to handle high potency marijuana “trips.” We trippy mane.

  3. There’s a huge difference between taking pot while at home (or some other safe place) and in public when you have to deal with stress. Especially when trying something with an unknown potency & effect.

    I made that mistake before, hopefully never again!

    Crazily enough, it’s one of the big reasons why I’d like to see a legalized, regulated market. Imagine chugging some liquid at a speakeasy without any way to detect the alcohol content for 30 minutes. Did you just chug a 4.5% beer or 90% medical alcohol (and that’s assuming everything is free from contaminants)? When brownie or two could do anything from giving you a mellow buzz to put you into a foetal ball, we really need to do better by consumers.

  4. there’s a big ziplock full of cookies in our freezer right now.  luckily, my roommate gave me a heads up this time.  last time, there was one sitting out on the coffee table.  it was a good thing I had the day off.

  5. He ate two, large, high potency marijuana brownies?  I know people that smoke almost every day and get blitzed just eating one.

    You took too much man, you took too much, too much…

    1. “You took too much man” lol. I’ve been there. I love Louis CK’s bit about the subject.

  6. I’ve gotten that stoned on a marijuana cookie I bought at a coffee shop in Amsterdam.  I went back to my room on the boat hotel near the train station, & ate it, intending to go watch this fireworks show later that evening.  Never made it.

  7. In the seventies and eighties, I would have looked at the shot above and seen a guy huffing on a bong.  In 2013, I need a millisecond to stop wondering why the guy sucking a dick is trying to light the balls on fire.  Just a millisecond, then it’s a bong again.

      1. “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there”.  – L.P. Hartley

  8. Reminds me of when I had my first experience of high potency weed. After a few hours of being amused at perceiving everything as though I was seeing it for the first time, I started to get tired of it. Then I started to get afraid, since I did not seem to be coming down, and I woke up the next day still high, although thankfully much less so. It took about 24 hrs to feel normal again, and I did not want to smoke again for years.

  9. Eats too much, doesn’t respect the medicine — then whines for white-man poison. STFU

    1. Yeah, there’s a lack of understanding on his part that’s disappointing. And blithely dismissing marijuana for a martini at the end, instead of realizing he way overdid it with the brownies? Ugh.

      1. “I went to this fraternity party and there was a table full of punch,  single-serving jello in dixie cups, and slices of watermelon.  I ate and drank a lot of the refreshments, then hopped in the car to go home.  little did I know that everything I ate and drank was soaked in pure grain alcohol.  I got alcohol poisoning and had to get my stomach pumped.  Now I get so nervous around alcohol, I have to take a toke from my one-hitter just to chill out.”

        yeah, this guy is kind of a jack-ass. why exactly did we get this guy covering the “marajuana beat”?

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