The man who makes fake antique Windsor chairs

"Wesley Swanson" is a carpenter who makes replica Windsor chairs and puts them through an aging process. He then sells them as authentic antiques, fetching thousands of dollars. His defense is airtight: “Well, it’s buyer beware. I don’t have to reveal this. I don’t have to label it as such because that’s the buyer’s business to know that.”

From Lisa Hix's article at Collectors Weekly:

When he’s building a chair, he takes a long time and does everything very carefully. He takes perfectly green wood, and he has a way of aging it so that it’s out-of-round as if it’s aged a hundred years. He has a way of rusting up hardware. He’ll buy scraps and parts from people, or he’ll find an old piece of furniture, like another chair. And he can use the wood, nails, or hardware in the new piece that he’s making to make it look real.

But he has made an old-looking Windsor chair of 100 percent new wood. He’s developed techniques for aging paints with blow dryers and things that. It’s hard to spot the fake aging process in wood unless you X-ray it. It’s hard to tell it’s been done to the paint unless you put the chair through chemical analysis.

In the Hot Seat: Is Your Antique Windsor a Fake?