Guatemala: Genocide trial may soon restart; Obama to meet with Central American leaders


7 Responses to “Guatemala: Genocide trial may soon restart; Obama to meet with Central American leaders”

  1. Pragmatist says:

    Forgive me, but why are you reporting on this?  Do you have experience dealing with post-conflict reconciliation and prosecutions?  Do you have expertise in Guatemala   Do you speak Spanish?  These are genuine questions and not intended to be snarky.  I am also just rather confused as to why this is being published on BoingBoing and not, say, The Atlantic or a law/peace studies blog.

  2. headcode says:

    Every time I hear US figures tout transparency and  human rights my hypocrisy meter starts to quiver a little.  However, I am amazed that Obama has taken any time to do this.  It has to be a little embarrassing, though, to have Guantanamo in the background.  Granted, Guantanamo is not the same as lining up villagers to hack them to death, but it is a blight on the US reputation.

  3. Slartibartfatsdomino says:

    Has it been mentioned on these updates that reporter Allan Nairn has confirmed that a military leader that he interviewed while said leader was involved in the Guatemala genocides is the current President of Guatemala?

  4. Melted Crayons says:

    US will help those who did its bidding until circumstances make that impossible.  So, advice will be given as to how to pull a rabbit out of the hat, keeping current people in power and getting the defendants off with the least punishment justifiable.

  5. SedanChair says:

    Oh good, Obama is coming. That’s when true justice starts to flow

  6. davidwhiggs says:

    I have avoided comments like the plague until now, but, and, so,… this may give some standard of measurement for the following. I have been a reader of bb since hardcopy zine issue #1, and I finally feel I must express my doubts that, while genocide and cute cat pix (not that I’m equating the two) deserve their respective places online, perhaps both are diluting the beloved bb brand a wee bit too much. Does either qualify as ‘happy mutant’?

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