Japanese Star Wars poster dresses

These Star Wars dresses are apparently coming to Hot Topic at some unspecified time in the future.

Her Universe Teases Star Wars Dresses, Makes Us Drool


  1. This weird fetish geeks have for anything with Japanese writing on it. (Or Chinese/Korean, since they generally can’t tell the difference.)

    1. Weird fetish geeks? Welcome to BoingBoing, your weird fetish geek membership card will come in the mail in 5-7 weeks.

    2. It’s funny because I hear in Japan, they have the same fettish for things 9t-shirts, hats with slogans) written in English.

      1. Yeah, to be fair, the Japanese seem to be way, way worse about English than we are about Japanese. That doesn’t really make it less silly, though.

        1. Why is it so ‘silly’? Aesthetic appreciation for typography isn’t all that weird (or uncommon), and Japanese typography is lovely and pictural. Also, it’s easier to appreciate the impact and form of the typography alone when one cannot understand the meaning as readily. And of course, foreign typo has a nice exotic feel to it. It’s not any sillier than appreciation of any visual design/imagery.

  2. No, the dress on the right is definitely not Japanese, try googling “Hong Kong Star Wars Poster”. And no, it’s not the one used in China either, I don’t know if a Communist variation of the same poster existed.
    Don’t know about the left one, it doesn’t even look like one of the official posters.

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