Moombahton in Guatemala: house meets reggaeton meets the unknown

DJ Wicho Lopez is the best-known local ambassador of one of the more interesting musical genres to take root here in Guatemala of late: Moombahton, a mix of house and reggaeton and whatever else the DJ feels like throwing in.

Moombahton more or less originated with DJ Dave Nada (Twitter, Tumblr, Amazon) in Washington, DC a few years ago; superproducer Diplo popularized it further.

Guatemalan news daily Prensa Libre ran a feature on Guatemala City-based DJ and producer Wicho last week, and I've been enjoying some of his work. He is the Keyboardist, Accordionists and Keytarist of "Malacates Trebol Shop" (Twitter).

Above, "Una Vaina Loca."

Below, a mixtape: "Atomic Boom Bah! (Episode 1) Basics by @WichoLopez @AtomicBoombah."

(Photo: Prensa Libre)

And for those unfamiliar with Moombahton, here are two sets from the man credited with originating the genre: Dave Nada.

Mad decent worldwide radio #37 - Dave Nada: Love In This Bmore Club by Mad Decent on Mixcloud


  1. “… when in a crisis he slowed down a track from 128 bpm to 108 bpm…”

    Back in 88 when we did that, it was called “New Beat” and that’s where Lords of Acid, Dirty Harry (D-Bop) , A Split Second and a few others got their sound.   Same principle:  take those old Disconet, Razormaid, and Hot Tracks remixes, play them on 33 instead of 45, then pitch them up around +7.   Gave them a brooding, industrial sound with thick, ponderous drums and deeper melodies.   Of course, that trick works best with vinyl records.   Most things were still analog back then and pitch-adjusting CD decks were made of unobtainium.

  2. Love it!  Fun stuff coming out of Colombia too.  We met Principe Legendario when he was doing his then-day job at a hotel in Medellin.  He’s an artist himself, and aggregates others he likes (e.g., on his FB page:

  3. check outstuff from the jungles of Panama (also Moombahton from Prof. Angel Sound “Boom Boom Sound” It’s all over L.A.

  4. 400 years of one thing: “classical”
    10-20 years of something else: 100+ “genres” now including “moombahton”

    grrr. get off my lawn!

  5. also, i agree with the new beat comment. listening to A Split Second’s “Flesh” at 33 is a blast. 

    nowadays, we’d do the time stretch without changing the pitch, which kinda undermines the beauty of new beat (the bass was deeper, and it all felt sluggish). moomba doesn’t change the pitch, so it’s essentially dutch house at 110 bpm.

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