Gear Guide portable folding hammock


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  1. ottonomy says:

    As a big fan of hammocks, I like the ultra-lightweight hammocks from–You have to find some near-perfectly spaced trees or supports though, because there’s no frame. (But I like a little bit longer spacing anyway for slower gentle rocking).

  2. cstatman says:

    i bought this from Sportsmans Guide 2 years ago.  my only negative?  I never get to use it,  my wife hogs it all the time.   it is a great hammock that folds down to the size of a camp chair.    yes, car camping,  no you dont want to pack it on the Pacific Trail.

  3. big ryan says:

    wow, that actually looks really great

  4. Daemonworks says:

    Might be nice in my living room…

  5. wrybread says:

    Ordered and thanks! But just to make life confusing, I stumbled on this right after ordering it. Fits two people, 100% cotton, and stellar reviews as well:

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