Gear Guide portable folding hammock

This folding hammock is really great! I bought it with the hopes of taking it camping but I've been using it, nearly daily, on my deck.

This is far-and-away the best $40 I've spent on a silly camping idea! It is sturdy and it works. The frame takes a few minutes to set up the first time, aligning some pins and holes, but it's very simple and well built. It is also heavy and only for dedicated car campers or beach trippers.

The Gear Guide Portable Folding Hammock


  1. As a big fan of hammocks, I like the ultra-lightweight hammocks from–You have to find some near-perfectly spaced trees or supports though, because there’s no frame. (But I like a little bit longer spacing anyway for slower gentle rocking).

  2. i bought this from Sportsmans Guide 2 years ago.  my only negative?  I never get to use it,  my wife hogs it all the time.   it is a great hammock that folds down to the size of a camp chair.    yes, car camping,  no you dont want to pack it on the Pacific Trail.

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