Gold ring in the form of a dinosaur eating a chicken leg

Just what you always needed, but did not know until it existed, and it exists now: "A super detailed T-Rex eating fried chicken leg," which is available in dark oxidized silver or gold brass and sterling silver. Endorsed by Zach Galifianakis. Has crystal eyes (the ring, not Mr. Galifianakis). A hundred bucks. [ via @llaurappark]


  1. I have bought two pieces from this small company. Both are great. A++ would shop again. I am glad to see them featured on here.

    1. According to Jack Horner, they evolve into them:

        1. Obviously, it’s a case of a time-travelling T.Rex.
          (Well, or an unlucky time-travelling chicken, but time-travelling T. Rex. is much cooler. Where did all the dinosaurs disappear to? Just wait a few weeks and you’ll find out… Muahahaha!)

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