Hitler’s food-taster: "Every day we feared it would be our last meal"

"Margot Woelk was one of fifteen girls who spent two-and-a-half years testing Adolf Hitler’s all-veggie diet to make sure it wasn’t poisoned." When the Russians captured her (and the rest of the surviving food-taster girls), they raped her for two weeks. [barfblog]


  1. Sad story. And the rape is mind-blowing. And this is coming from a child of Holocaust survivors who grew up in a neighborhood filled with Holocaust survivors & stories of what happened after the war were common. That is past horrific. This woman—and the other tasters—deserve all of the love in the world.

    1. Certainly they did not deserve the Russian soldiers reprisals (war crimes all around). At the same time, I don’t seem to be a good enough person to manage pure love for people whose job was to protect Adolph Hitler’s life. Reading the linked stories, Woelk herself seems to have struggled with the shame of that, which I will say does her credit.

    1.  Did you read the part in the story that you are linking to that clearly states:

      “The Russians then came to Berlin and got me, too,” Woelk said. “They took me to a doctor’s apartment and raped me for 14 consecutive days. That’s why I could never have children. They destroyed everything.”

      1. Jeez, what did they rape her with? A human penis certainly couldn’t “destroy everything.”

        1. one? nope. A whole bunch? Over and over, for 14 straight days? Yup, that’ll do it :(

          well endowed men can actually hurt a woman if they’re not careful when thrusting, causing muscular tears, internal bleeding, etc. 

      2. Perhaps their brain just didn’t want to read that sentence, rejecting it as being too painful and horrible

      1. I’m trying to blank out the memory of what I saw the last time I looked for unicorns on the Internet.

        I recommend kittens.

  2. Why were all the tasters female? Wouldn’t you worry that someone might develop a poison that only worked on men? It wouldn’t be the craziest idea he had.

  3. Yeah, that’s the great thing about war.  You get to do all the raping and killing your little heart desires.  If you don’t think every army in the world does this you are very naive.  It makes me sick.

    1. This equivalency is so false it’s inane. Is there historical evidence for your assertion? I guess I missed those chapters in the various histories I’ve read of WWII where the U.S., British, and Canadian forces raped their way across Europe. Do soldiers rape? Of course they do, but the estimates of sexual crimes by US forces in WWII range between 600 and 4,500. The Russians did that in an evening, a) because Russia, and b) because Stalin had a soft spot in his heard for his savage boys: “”Does Djilas, who is himself a writer, not know what human suffering and the human heart are? Can’t he understand it if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometers through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle?”

      Comparable Roosevelt quote or STFU, please.

          1.  Pedantry aside, he’s lumping all Russians into a pot where they’re all rapists and everyone else is better than they are. Feels like racism to me.

          2. “Race” is socially constructed.  There is no biological reality to race and our constructions of race cut across ethnic lines.  The purpose of “race” as a concept is to other people of different ethnicities.  Once, the Irish and Italians were considered different races from Anglos, French, and Germans — I think the treatment of the Irish and Italian immigrants of the late 19th century would easily qualify as “racism”.  “Russian” is an ethnicity like Irish or Italian and lumping all people of that ethnicity into one group and generalizing about them seems like exactly the same thing to me.

            So even/especially when you get pedantic, my inference is that the comment that has been deleted was probably racist.

          3. Yes, of course race is a social construction, but it’s not pedantic to point out that “Russian” is not only not a real race, it’s not even a perceived race. 

            Race is a social fiction, but it has had, and still has, real-world effects. Using the word “racism” to describe discriminatory phenomena that are not actually racism distracts attention from the real effects of racism by watering down the concept itself.

          4. Then perhaps you would like to invent a new term for discrimination that follows the exact same pattern of thought and behavior as racism but doesn’t meet your obviously superior criteria for what constitutes racism?

            Discriminating against ethnic groups is wrong regardless of how widespread the discrimination is.  Discrimination against ethnic groups is almost always called “racism”.  I don’t see any problem with calling this “racism”.  You say it “waters it down” — I disagree.  It’s the same pattern even if it’s against a less-commonly-maligned group.

            This is how racial construction happens in the first place.

          5. Wow, we actually agree on something, as this is my stance on the subject 100%. 

            Anyhow, see you on the gun threads, you commie fascist.

          6. “Then perhaps you would like to invent a new term for discrimination that follows the exact same pattern of thought and behavior as racism but doesn’t meet your obviously superior criteria for what constitutes racism?”

            No problem. “Chauvinism” works just fine. You never heard it, maybe?

      1. I imagine it was the perceived racism others have derailed withresponded to. But you were right in that “every army does this in every war” is a false equivalence. The Red Army rapes at the end of WW2 were explicitly and systematically encouraged by their leadership, and they did orders of magnitude more of it than other Allied forces.

        1. Thanks – I figured as much, but I was simply making the same point you just made. For Antinous to interpret that as some sort of blanket condemnation of everyone in one country is a willful misreading – at best.

          Obviously, “Russian” isn’t a race, different armies do behave differently, and there was something particularly heinous about the way in which the Red Army comported itself during the war. But of course, these distinctions probably don’t matter to the moderator with the big stick.

          This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed Antinous use its position as moderator to minimize or dismiss opinions that fit within its pre-existing “acceptable commentary” framework. I applaud BB for recognizing that strong comment moderation is the key to maintaining a lively comments section, but I swear, Antinous has to be the most persnickety, intolerant, oppositional, and just plain petty moderator on the Internet.

          For the life of me, I don’t know why Xeni, Mark, and company allow a person with a clear agenda and an almost complete lack of a sense of humor police their comments section.

          Now ban away, little tin horn dictator. I’ll get more work done.

  4. I know this is a bit off-topic, but…

    My father dated a Jewish girl for part of the 70s. Her mother was in Auschwitz, and my father asked her to show my brother and I her tattoo. I didn’t realize what it was at about 8 years old, but I now know it was for real.

    //She was a tough cookie, i never saw her smile.

    1. I worked with a guy whose parents were concentration camp survivors and who was married to a woman whose father was a concentration camp guard. Every time that he told the story, everyone suddenly remembered that they needed to be somewhere else right away.

    2. Like my Jewish coworker from the Ukraine who told me how his parents met in a gulag in the USSR.  His father saved his mother’s life when she was on the verge of dropping dead from being forced to drag logs.

    1. “Blasé comments about rape” don’t have the potential to induce a physically dangerous symptom of a medical condition.

      1. No, but they do have the potential to induce post traumatic stress, which at the very least can send a survivor in to a bad place.  Mental scars can be just as traumatic as medical conditions.  

        1. I’m not minimizing the psychological effects, but an epileptic could very easily be surprised by an unexpected mouseover animation, whereas someone prone to severe flashbacks can’t really claim to have been blindsided when they click through on an article summary that mentions two weeks of brutal rape in the second sentence.

      2. PTSD isn’t a medical condition? A violent flashback to a physically and mentally traumatic event isn’t my idea of a fun day in the park. 

  5. I was first told about the mass rape of German women by the invading Russians by a high school classmate, whose mother had this happen to her as a teenager. Left me literally speechless.

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