Icelandic Pirate Party lands three seats in Icelandic parliament


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  1. John Napsterista says:

    Showin us how it’s done. Well done, IPP!!

  2. Purplecat says:

    A small bit of good news in a giant moment of WTF. Icelandic voters- you vote back in the people who were in charge during the banking bubble and subsequent economic meltdown why? Because the opposition didn’t manage to fix entirely everything during their one term in power? Sheesh.

    • Magnús Örn Gylfason says:

      No, the left lost because of the Icesave issue. And the right hardly won, they added around 3 to 4 percentage points from last election, totaling to their second worst outcome of all time. The winners were the Progressives (a centric if a slightly populist farmers party) and they won mostly because of the Icesave issue.

      • YourOldBuddy says:

        Part of the reason for the fall of the left wing is a lot of fragmentation of the leftist/centrist parties which made a lot of votes fall dead on the 5% rule.  

        Said Progressive Party bubble type economics was one of the leading factors for the crash. Both parties are regularly found guilty of crony-ism but the progressive party actually changed it leadership and seemed to accept its role in what had happened. The right wing party ONOH hasn’t and got a historically bad percentage of the vote. 

        No matter how you look at it though, the left wing was blamed for the last 4 years which is unfair for the most part and Icelanders are gold fish which shouldn’t have seceded from Denmark. I’m Icelandic. 

  3. I was thinking of voting the Pirate Party but when I found out that it was made up of False Flag thruthers, anti feminists and homeopathic advocators I quickly changed my mind.

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