Japanese folk music glitch hop

Daniel Ryan describes his music as "a mix of Japanese folk music and glitch hop." This isn't normally my sort of thing -- I pretty much only listen to music with words -- but I played this one three times in a row this morning. There's a lot of clever stuff going on here that I lack the vocabulary to describe but possess the aesthetic apparatus to appreciate. According to one redditor, the folk song is this track off the Samurai Champloo soundtrack.



    1. Here’s my favorite Omodaka video. That Dig Dug intro is epic.

      Also, the entire Samurai Champloo OST is a staple of my iPhone. It never gets old. 

    1. …usually with keys on your keyboard, or on the side of your laptop, or the knob on your speakers?

      The embedded tune wasn’t any louder than anything else that’s coming out of my speakers today.

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