Repo Man: Criterion release and interview with director Alex Cox

NewImageHere's Alex Cox, director of Repo Man (1984), interviewed recently by psychotronic film buff and master poster artist Jay Shaw. Criterion just re-released Repo Man on DVD and Blu-ray, featuring original package art by Shaw and Tyler Stout of Austin's Mondo Gallery scene. Repo Man: Criterion Collection edition (via Mondo)


  1. Not gonna buy it. There’s no other way to see Repo Man than at a midnight screening at the old Greenway in the ’80s. 

    1.  The Greenway in Houston? Wow. There are like 10 people that would get that reference… Next you are going to hit us with a “downtown grounds” reference, or “the unicorn” (etc.)

      1.  Yep, the old Greenway 3, the most bizarrely located art cinema of all time. Hangout of the Urban Animals and skate punks. But of course I meant to include whatever theaters screened Repo Man at midnight a few years after its release

  2. I bought this the day it came out. Some of the best Criterion packaging yet. Though I don’t get why Sam McPheeters got to write the insert. 

  3. Just recently watched a 35mm print of Repo Man at a local theater-pub. (The Bagdad Theater, in Portland OR.) One of my all-time favorite movies…

    “I don’t want no commies in my car. No christians either!”

  4. I’ll always remember the first time I saw Repo Man.  1983 or 4, my grandmother found it on cable tv.  She was probably in her 60s, I was like 8 or 9.  She laughed all the way through it.  Talk about seminal influence.

    I used to have a tape of the soundtrack around here somewhere, but it’s not in my tape case anymore.  It got me through high school, though, so it served it’s purpose.  “I’m a baaaaad man.”

    1. Hombre Secreto, T.V. Party, Coup d’Etat, When the Shit Hits the Fan

      I played the shit out of that soundtrack too.

  5. I thought Wesley Snipes really made the movie with his Dennis Rodman/Will.I.Am style.

    oh, or is that Demo Man… ?

  6. Hey, can someone that has seen this tell me which audio version they use?
    Some of the extent copies of Repo man have edited a lot of my favorite scenes out (for instance, during the “Bad Man” scene, in the version I like, the Bad Man speech ends with the bit about “you think your woman loves you? There is only one way to know for sure…”)
    So yea, does this version have that stuff cut out (as it was in the dvd release, which completely broke my heart), or dd they wise up and leave it in?

    1. What you are probably thinking  about is the edited TV version. The Criterion DVD has the theatrical and the edited for TV version.

  7. For the love of everything awesome I hope they redid the effects on the car at the end. FFS if there’s one way to junk up your movie it’s by putting VERY bad SFX at the end. Why did everything in the 80’s have to have a supernatural angle? This movie was amazing until it was spoiled by supernatural, totally fake-looking car.

  8. Ok, couple of things. First of all, there is indeed a difference between the made for tv version, and the theatrical release, however the DVD version (pre-Criterion, of which there is only one that I am aware of) includes curse words etc, but nonetheless scraps some of my favorite parts. Have you seen the Criterion version? All I need to know is if it has the scene with the “think your woman loves you?” bit at the end of the bad man speech…

    ALSO! The car was not done with pecial effects (well, not exactly anyways, at least as to how the car looked. I assume there was some special effects involved in making it fly, but I think mostly, they just lifted it with a crane), they actually just painted it with some super highly reflective 3m safety coating. Mr. Cox indicated that this was actually much cheaper than trying to do some weird special effects graphics stuff.
    So, yea, no way should they mess with the ending, bite your tongue!

    1. I wouldn’t go by Netflix as any type of official edit.  My fairly recent dvd of The Breakfast Club is unedited, and when I watched it on Netflix, it seemed legit, too.  There was cussing and the joint scene, but then the shot that pans down Bender’s locker cuts off the bottom of his locker’s grafitti.  It’s obviously the PC police at work, since homophobic slurs are taboo now.  Gonna assume they axed your scene due to bestiality taboos.  I’ve noticed some other little edits with them here and there.  Not cool, but that’s their thing, apparently.

      Semi-related:  the “Bad Man” in question also played the bartender in another LA cult film called Tapeheads that is close kin to Repo Man.  Y’all oughta check it out if you haven’t already.

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