"Thatcher hairstyle" hip after her death

Since the death of notorious chemist Margaret Thatcher, her distinctive ultra-bouffant hairstyle has become a hit at London salons, writes The Daily Mail's Justin Stoneman.


    1. notice the conspicuous absence of photographic evidence. ah well, i guess i’ll just take their word for it

    2. If there were a similar tabloid on the Left, it could present Thatcher’s ‘fro as taboo a fashion statement as Hitler’s (née Chaplin’s) mustache or Savile’s tracksuit.

      Can someone please Photoshop Thatcher’s bouffant onto Monty Burns for analysis.

  1. More like a helmet, which reminds me of Bill Clinton’s Hairgate, 1993.  Who benefits from bringing up the recently deceased, Thatcher’s hairstyle?

  2. Our lawn guy just came through to de-thatch our lawn.

    ‘Thatch is usually a pale yellow or brown mix of dried and dead grass blades, rhizomes, stolons and other grass parts. Thatch builds up over time into a dense and impenetrable layer that prevents water, fertilizer and other applied nutrients from reaching the soil and roots of the grass. This stunts grass growth and can lead to a brown and sparse appearance of your lawn.’

    Read more: How Does a Lawn Thatcher Work? | Garden Guides http://www.gardenguides.com/74891-lawn-thatcher-work.html#ixzz2RtADPxep

  3. If you had to choose, would it be better to have the Thatcher, or the Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead)?

  4. With all that Aquanet, you could set fire to her and run from her by her own light (hat tip to the Bard).

  5. Popular in London, less popular in Sheffield.

    On second thoughts, it’s clearly a bollocks story made up by some guy who saw some old woman with a Thatcher ‘do when he was trying to desperately think of a way to fill some column inches before the editor gets angry.

    1. Maybe they saw this woman, whose face has been plastered all over the news for the last week.

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