"Thatcher hairstyle" hip after her death


23 Responses to “"Thatcher hairstyle" hip after her death”

  1. Stooge says:

    A hit or a target?

  2. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Hey, the Iron Halo is a much coveted honor and a useful piece of wargear…

  3. millie fink says:

    The HORROR!!

  4. Cornan says:

    Since it’s the Daily Mail I’m going to assume it’s just made up bull.

  5. wolfman_al2 says:

    Its from the Daily Fail, so I say shenanigans.

  6. welcomeabored says:

    More like a helmet, which reminds me of Bill Clinton’s Hairgate, 1993.  Who benefits from bringing up the recently deceased, Thatcher’s hairstyle?

  7. welcomeabored says:

    Our lawn guy just came through to de-thatch our lawn.

    ‘Thatch is usually a pale yellow or brown mix of dried and dead grass blades, rhizomes, stolons and other grass parts. Thatch builds up over time into a dense and impenetrable layer that prevents water, fertilizer and other applied nutrients from reaching the soil and roots of the grass. This stunts grass growth and can lead to a brown and sparse appearance of your lawn.’

    Read more: How Does a Lawn Thatcher Work? | Garden Guides http://www.gardenguides.com/74891-lawn-thatcher-work.html#ixzz2RtADPxep

  8. knoxblox says:

    If you had to choose, would it be better to have the Thatcher, or the Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead)?

  9. pjcamp says:

    With all that Aquanet, you could set fire to her and run from her by her own light (hat tip to the Bard).

  10. Ladyfingers says:

    I’m guessing these are people going to fancy-dress parties.

  11. Camp Freddie says:

    Popular in London, less popular in Sheffield.

    On second thoughts, it’s clearly a bollocks story made up by some guy who saw some old woman with a Thatcher ‘do when he was trying to desperately think of a way to fill some column inches before the editor gets angry.

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