US-aided electronic spying in Mexico’s drug war


3 Responses to “US-aided electronic spying in Mexico’s drug war”

  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Nope, definitely not scope-creeping into ‘Plan Mexico’, not at all…

    • Ygret says:

      I also find it interesting how ineffectual all this is.  The cartels are stronger than ever, and there is solid evidence the CIA is actually aiding the Sinaloa cartel against the Zetas.  Because that’s what the CIA does: they know they can’t defeat all “the enemies” so they pick the “less-scary-at-the-moment” one and back them.  How’s that working out for ya, CIA?

      How about stop multinational banks from laundering drug cartel money, and legalize (at least) marijuana, and presto!  The drug cartels are done.  Washed up.  Has beens… now we only have to deal with the banking and industrial cartels and we’ll be free!

      • peregrinus says:

         I’d love to see a poll showing a bemused electorate wondering why drugs aren’t de-criminalised.  It’s just political stage shows.

        Mexico is deep into anarchic territory; it’s sad.

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