Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Russell Simmons Slowly Builds His Empire

Sadiq Khan, Britain's Labour Party candidate for Mayor of London and his wife Saadiya leave after casting their votes for the London mayoral elections at a polling station in south London Britain May 5, 2016. REUTERS

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  1. Okay, I did spit out my coffee laughing when I saw the Russell Simmons head. Are you going further into some kind of abstract caricature of him because of people’s reactions to how you drew him before? I have this fear he’s going to end up represented as some kind of Cheshire Cat like being, consisting of nothing more than a gap toothed smile, crossed eyes, and a hat!  

  2. I am still really enjoying this series.  So much so that I pre-ordered the paperback version at Amazon yesterday.  Thanks for writing it, and thanks for hosting it here.

  3. That front-cover pic, with Grand Master Flash in profile, always makes me go ‘Fuck Yeah’.

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