Chimp fight at the LA Zoo

UPDATE: I replaced the original video with Cowicide's "Thus Spake the Chimp with a Stick" version.

Daniel Richter makes an appearance at 0:57. (Via Unique Daily)

UPDATE: Rob made the movie poster. Can't wait for the summer premiere!


  1. This is why I don’t visit zoos.  I can’t decide what disturbs me more, the animals in the cages/enclosures, or the animals outside gawking and laughing.  There was nothing funny about that fight.

    1. maybe not funny, but exciting in a primal sort of way, absolutely,,, also many people laugh involuntarily in tense situations so you shouldn’t judge so quickly

      1. I know my own mind, Ryan.  Are you judging me for being judg-y?  If I came back in a few hours and typed the same thing, would that be enough time?

        1. Congratulations for knowing your own mind! I change my mind so involuntarily and unpredictably that I am in a constant stack of gobsmackedness.

          1. Thank you, Mark. 

            I can still be surprised, but in this, no.  I haven’t been able to walk into a zoo in over 30 years.  Vancouver, B.C., I think.  :^)

            I have plans to see the San Diego zoo in September.  I’ve read great effort has been made to provide some of the species there with more natural enclosures.  The animals can chose to be on display or not.  I would like to see that.

          2. Finest zoo in the world, IMHO, but if you really want to see it done right, head inland an hour or so and go to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  It’s run by the same people, but spread out over 1,800 acres.  (Oops… looks like they’ve changed the name to the San Diego Safari Park. Oooo-kay.)  Beats a regular zoo into a cocked hat.  September will probably be pretty hot out there, so wear a hat and sunscreen and stay hydrated if you go.


          3. +1 for the SD and safari park, the zoo has a wide variety of animals that you can see more up close and with less walking, the safari park has a more narrow selection of animals but they are running around on long tracks of land that you view from a tram ride or by walking trails

            i suggest going to both in either the morning or evening, the animals are lethargic mid day

        2.  i assumed that you were commenting on the laughs or excited noises you might have heard from the crowd in the clip, thats great that you know your own mind, often im not sure if im %100 in touch with my own

    2. I’ve been visiting the Oakland Zoo pretty regularly this year, and it seems the chimps there have the same problem: they get really agitated when there are a lot of people around.

      1. I’ve watching too many humans watch other human beings beat each other, like they’d just tuned into a sit-com.  Obliging audience members playing their roles.  Passive consumers of all things entertaining without thought of the consequences.  We watch our wars on t.v..

    1.  He was clearly acting in self defense and exercising his Stand Your Ground rights under the law.

      1. You’ll have to pry my poo from my cold, dead hands. Oh, never mind, I was going to fling it at you, anyway.

  2. Wild animals acting like wild animals.  Glad some kids got to see it and the chimps got some exercise!

    1. I saw a brawl just like this at the selfsame zoo a year or two ago.  Wouldn’t call it entertaining so much as educational, but it did lead me to wonder whether these dudes get significantly more aggressive and violent in captivity.

    2. Chimpanzees are horrible. Hardly surprising, since they’re our nearest relatives.

    1. Is there any evidence that these animals fight less frequently in the wild? 

      I mean, there’s plenty to dislike about zoos but it’s probably more effective to criticize them based on actual facts. There’s documented cases of chimpanzees inflicting horrible violence on each other in the wild.

      1. In the wild, these chimps would probably team up and go after the hairless apes who have invaded their territory.  Probably not everyone would be attacked, but male chimps would target the human male apes and go for their weak spots–face and groin.  So yes, chimps fight each other and can be very vicious.  

        But I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that the environment they are in could facilitate more in-fighting.  They are in a space that is much smaller than they would occupy in the wild, plus they are imprisoned there with no escape.   Male chimps do fight within their own group for status but in the wild if two males simply do not get along, the lower chimp on the totem pole can leave the group and try and find another.  Or they could go off own their own for awhile.  Here, they are stuck near each other.  They are also surrounded by a group of chattering humans, something they wouldn’t tolerate in the wild.  They would either fight for their territory or move on.  Something else that they cannot do here.  

        So we could be witnessing a power grab by another male, with other males taking sides, something that would happen in the wild anyway. Or we could be watching the stress of being imprisoned and near other annoying animals with no escape.

        It would be interesting to have someone who has observed chimps in the wild compare them to zoo chimps. OTOH,  I don’t think it’s that controversial of a statement to say that zoo chimps live in a quite different environment which could possibly be very detrimental to them.

  3. Chimp 1:  Your mother looks like a chimpanzee!
    Chimp 2:  DIEEEEEEE!!!!

    I was hoping for some poo flinging.  I am disappoint.

  4. “Chimp fight at the LA Zoo” Too long for band name, but perfect for that difficult second album…

  5. I would be interesting to hear from someone that knows the individual chimps to explain the various coalitions and whether one was trying to depose the current alpha chimp.

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