Mars Attacks Invasion: exclusive sneak peek at new card series


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  1. Brian Cain says:

    Love the idea of aliens versus 1940′s mobsters.  Man, there’s a great pulp movie in that premise!

  2. Jorpho says:

    Have we forgotten all about the movie, then?

    (I liked it.  I can definitely see why a lot of people wouldn’t, though.)

  3. Chentzilla says:

    I like the pencil version of “Alien vs Mobsters”, the Martian in front looks very unhappy, in contrast to the final (?) version.

  4. Don’t forget the crossover, which is just out in trade paperback.  The Mars Attacks comic attacked a slew of other comics in the IDW line, including ‘Mars Attacks Transformers’, ‘Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters’ and ‘Mars Attacks Popeye’.  There’s a good roundup about the crossover on the comic site Robot 6.  They also have some glorious one-shot images of Mars Attacks Judge Dredd and Mars Attacks Rom, Spaceknight.

  5. Ramone says:

    Mark, do you know if this is a second run of the card that debuted with the new comic last year? Or are these a totally new set?

  6. kmoser says:

    They need to do a version from the Martian perspective when the Rover lands, called “Earth Attacks”.

    • Ramone says:

      In fact, there were a few cards from the series where Earthling boarded rocketships with atomics and did just that!

  7. Stefan Jones says:

    I can’t access Facebook, so I can’t ascertain a vital fact:

    Will the packs have chewing gum?

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