Real Stuff: The Great Outdoors

A NSFW story from Real Stuff #1 (Fantagraphics, December 1990).

By Dennis Eichhorn

Read about this project and listen to Mark's interview with Dennis Eichhorn here.

Published 10:57 am Tue, Apr 30, 2013

About the Author

Dennis P. Eichhorn is an award-winning American writer best known for his adult-oriented autobiographical comic book series Real Stuff.

3 Responses to “Real Stuff: The Great Outdoors”

  1. noah django says:

    heads up:  the navigation buttons are in the middle, and the “index” took me here:

    never heard of these until now, but I’ll be reading from here on out for sure.

  2. BrianOman says:

    I can attest to the mosquitos and humor of the natives. Alaska is the shit!

  3. Halloween_Jack says:

    Holy crap, Eichhorn? I’ve got every issue of Real Stuff and Real Smut (and even Real Schmuck) that I could find. Incredible stories!