Review: Cenoire Eluo Sonic Toothbrush

Cenoire sent over its Eluo Sonic Toothbrush, for some reason. It's compact, looks like a candy cane-colored mascara stick, and vibrates.

Powered by one AAA battery, it has a proper on-off button to prevent accidental activation, a replaceable brush head, and claims 23,000 strokes per minute. In use, unfortunately, it's clearly not the same breed of gadget as leading-brand electric toothbrushes. The movement, while fast, is so delicate and underpowered that one hardly feels like a good job is being done.

I am no dentist, but even slight hand movements, while gripping it, provide much more friction than the vibrations of the head. One is tempted to use it just like a standard toothbrush.

It is very pretty, though. And I feel pretty for having used it.

Cenoire Eluo Sonic Toothbrush [Amazon]