Review: Cenoire Eluo Sonic Toothbrush


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  1. Mike Guerrero says:

    I have one of the cheaper sonicare brushes ($25) and I never felt like it was doing anything but making noise. I suppose I was taken in by the hype. I half expected the brush to simply blast the plaque off my teeth, leaving me with JJ Abrams lens flares each time I smiled.

    • headcode says:

       Be careful.  It may not feel like it’s doing much but at that vibration rate it can do a fair amount of damage if you start using it like a regular toothbrush on top of the action it is already providing.

      I went from a regular toothbrush to one of the pricey Sonicaires and my hygienist noticed the improvement of gum health on my very first return visit.  (Note that I did not buy the Sonicaire from my dentist).

  2. t2j2 says:

    Yeah, “toothbrush”.

  3. oasisob1 says:

    @beschizza:disqus If you can’t BE pretty, you might as well FEEL pretty.

  4. could be a little more screwdriver

  5. Ray Perkins says:

    A pet peeve is anything powered by AAAs. They have 1/3 the energy at twice the price. That makes them six times as expensive per kWh. Usually there is enough space for an AA. And 23,000 strokes per minute sounds a lot more impressive than 383 strokes per second (would they tell you a car engine runs at 360,000 revs an hour?)

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