This history of the car in L.A.


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  1. marilove says:

    I spent my first 8 years in Phoenix without a car, and I didn’t have roommates.  It was a very hot 8 years.  You probably don’t want to know what a bus smells like in July when the a/c stops running.  That was the longest 40-minute bus ride of my life…

  2. I highly recommend the 99% Invisible episode called The Great Red Car Conspiracy. . I recommend 99-I in general as a fabulous podcast.

  3. Woody Smith says:

    I also recommend a new hardcover by Taras Grescoe called STRAP-HANGER, which makes the case for public transportation, and documents how it’s been suppressed in America by greed-heads.

  4. noah django says:

    people are so weird about their cars.  it’s depressing.

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