Clever, vintage covers for Orwell reissues

Spotted these yesterday (though they've been around for a while - see Mark's post from January): Penguin's done a bunch of George Orwell paperback reissues with clever and vintagey covers. The Nineteen Eighty-Four has a black mask over the title that you can scratch off (or leave intact), while Animal Farm and Books v Cigarettes both sport lovely old school covers.


    1. Nah, 3’6 is correct – in the aftermath of the Eurozone economic performance, the UK is heading back to tried and true imperial measures.

    2. Also, while I get the censorship idea of the cover, it doesn’t really make sense in context. The government of Oceania was into censorship by rewriting older works and destroying the originals, not by redacting words and phrases like intelligence agencies do when reluctantly releasing information.

      1.  IANBD (I am not a book designer), but using a backdrop of typewritten material with something like “We are at war with [blacked out]” could have been cool.

          1. You believe you have unmistakable documentary evidence proving this. There was a certain website about which you had a hallucination.

            ‘1984’ has always been published in a  plain orange cover with black text. Repeat it, if you please.

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